Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Amazing Landscaper :)

A few weeks ago my wonderful stepmom came over to save the day! I was not feeling well at all and she just jumped in and rescued us! She brought us lunch, took care of Addie all day, did laundry, made us dinner for the next few nights, bathed Addie, and even put her to bed! The most exciting part though? While I was sleeping the afternoon away, trying to feel better, she and Addie were doing a landscaping makeover to our yard!!! Oh my goodness, I could not believe how much she did in that time!! It turned out so beautiful. Lots of color, and spring flowers. I could not be happier! I love to go out and water my flowers in the evening! Thank you Julie for the sweet surprise and for saving the day!!!


Nicole Rodriguez said...

That is so sweet! We are desperately trying to do a yard make's a lot of work!!!

chrissy said...

How nice! See if she wants to do my house next. Hope you are feeling better!

Chani said...

Your yard looks so pretty!! I tell ya, I do NOT have a green thumb, so this impresses me big time! Have I told you lately that I miss you, sweet friend??? :)