Monday, June 27, 2011

Houston Trip

Addie and I decided at the last minute to travel to Houston a couple of weeks ago while Brandon was in Michigan for work!! We had a wonderful visit!

We spent our first day at Granny and Papa's house.

Addie showing her great granny her Flashcards....

Brushing Granny's hair... (sorry Granny!)

Snuggles with Great Papa...

Addie loves her great uncle Pete!

We were so excited to meet Addie's cousin Sadie Su! What a cutie!

Then we spent a day with "hi carol" :)Addie had to help her at the grocery store.

We had the privilege of stopping by Radio Lollipop at Texas Childrens Hospital to see where Carol has been volunteering all of these years! So neat! This is the most amazing program and brings those sick little angels and their families such joy during a dark time. Everyone was so sweet to Addie but her favorite was Cowboy Kelly who stickered her to pieces!!

Carol bought Addie a mini version of her shirt that says "I heart radio lollipop" ;)

We had a wonderful time in H Town and look forward to our next visit!!

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