Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Disney Store

Tonight we went to dinner with Nana and Leelee and after dinner Addie had her first visit to the Disney Store! She could not believe her eyes! It was so fun to watch her say all of the names of her favorite characters. It was like in her mind her favorite show came to life!

Nana and Leelee bought Addie her very own Minnie and Mickey and she was so proud carrying them through the mall. :)

She is so much fun! I cannot wait to take her to my favorite place on earth some day.... Disney World!!! :)

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Carol said...

looks like a fun time! super cute photos!

Amanda said...

So sweet, LOVE her and her Mickey's =)

Hillary said...

I love the one of her carrying them through the mall! So precious!!!

Amy Mahrer said...

There's no way I could take my kid there. She's so cute carrying them.