Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Girl Bed

Well....we finally did it! Addie is pretty much one of the last of her friends to make the big switch but it's only because she's still happy as a clam in her crib! She never climbs out or cries about going in. She loves her bed!

We decided to introduce the toddler bed Saturday afternoon. After an exhausting day and much later than usual bed time, we weren't sure if we should even try that night. But she was so excited we gave it a try. Here she wad getting lotioned up and ready for bed. She couldn't wait!!

We did her usual routine, bible story, 3 books, prayer, and her 5 songs we sing to her. Tucked her in and done! She curled up and went to sleep! We sat outside of her room watching her on the monitor just in awe of how big our baby girl is! (& maybe a little sad at the same time...)

She slept through the night but woke up at 6:30 am scared and crying. This was about an hour earlier than usual for her. She sat in her bed until we came up to get her. All day she was extremely tired so we did nap in the crib and she slept for 3.5 hours!!

Last night we put her to bed on time and although she tossed and turned for a long time she never got out! Eventually she fell asleep. At 2:30 am she fell out of the bed and needed a few minutes of comfort but went back to sleep.

This morning she and I had to be at church for VBS at 7:30 so o had to go in at 7 & wake her up!! This is what I found...

I had to turn on the lights for the picture and she didn't even move!! So sweet! Now, nap today was tough so she ended up sleeping in the crib. BUT I feel like we are making progress and I'm super proud of my big girl!!

Houston Trip

Addie and I decided at the last minute to travel to Houston a couple of weeks ago while Brandon was in Michigan for work!! We had a wonderful visit!

We spent our first day at Granny and Papa's house.

Addie showing her great granny her Flashcards....

Brushing Granny's hair... (sorry Granny!)

Snuggles with Great Papa...

Addie loves her great uncle Pete!

We were so excited to meet Addie's cousin Sadie Su! What a cutie!

Then we spent a day with "hi carol" :)Addie had to help her at the grocery store.

We had the privilege of stopping by Radio Lollipop at Texas Childrens Hospital to see where Carol has been volunteering all of these years! So neat! This is the most amazing program and brings those sick little angels and their families such joy during a dark time. Everyone was so sweet to Addie but her favorite was Cowboy Kelly who stickered her to pieces!!

Carol bought Addie a mini version of her shirt that says "I heart radio lollipop" ;)

We had a wonderful time in H Town and look forward to our next visit!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Big News!

I am so excited to make this post I can hardly stand it!! Addie is going to be a big sister!! We are due on December 31st. I am right at 12 weeks! I can't wait to meet this precious little one!!

Father's Day 2011

Happy Dad's Day to my amazing hubby!! Thank you Brandon for all you do as Addie's Dad! You are such a hands-on father and she is crazy about you!! It is a great joy for me to see the amazing father you are! You truly model the love of our Father in Heaven as you parent our little girl!

I also want to say happy Father's Day to my wonderful dad! I love him so much and I'm thankful for the close relationship we share. And to my sweet stepdad Skip! You are an incredible man and you've always loved me so much!

And Happy Father's Day to Brandon's Dad, Blue in Heaven. We miss you every day.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Morning Fun :)

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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Addie's new favorite treat is a Popsicle....she calls them hop-a-sickles. Love her!

She also calls poptarts "hop-arts"

She makes me smile.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Disney Store

Tonight we went to dinner with Nana and Leelee and after dinner Addie had her first visit to the Disney Store! She could not believe her eyes! It was so fun to watch her say all of the names of her favorite characters. It was like in her mind her favorite show came to life!

Nana and Leelee bought Addie her very own Minnie and Mickey and she was so proud carrying them through the mall. :)

She is so much fun! I cannot wait to take her to my favorite place on earth some day.... Disney World!!! :)

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Amazing Landscaper :)

A few weeks ago my wonderful stepmom came over to save the day! I was not feeling well at all and she just jumped in and rescued us! She brought us lunch, took care of Addie all day, did laundry, made us dinner for the next few nights, bathed Addie, and even put her to bed! The most exciting part though? While I was sleeping the afternoon away, trying to feel better, she and Addie were doing a landscaping makeover to our yard!!! Oh my goodness, I could not believe how much she did in that time!! It turned out so beautiful. Lots of color, and spring flowers. I could not be happier! I love to go out and water my flowers in the evening! Thank you Julie for the sweet surprise and for saving the day!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Playdate with Rylee

We had Rylee over today so her Mommy could go get her hair done! We had a fun morning!

Ry brought Addie some donuts...

Then we had craft time! ( I was feeling brave!! It went well! )

Then it was time for pedicures on the patio!

Rylee's toes:

Addie's toes:

Then we had a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse time!

These girls are so much fun! :)