Monday, May 23, 2011

May Joy!

Addie and I have been loving the month of May! The weather has been amazing so we've spent a lot of time outside!! Here is a sampling of what we've been doing....

We had Addie's mother's day tea at school... It was so sweet. She kept telling me all of her friends' names.

Addie has a friend named Emma who surprises her with donuts sometimes.... My girl digs donut holes!

My Dad sent me these beautiful flowers for Mother's day!! Wasn't that sooo sweet? I really enjoyed them!!

Outside time!

We were lucky to have lexi over one day to play! We all enjoyed watermelon outside!

Sweet Xander turned 1 a few weeks ago!! He is the sweetest, happiest little guy and we love him sooo much!!

One night before night night..

Last week Addie and I went to see Giggle, Giggle, Quack at tge Dallas Childrens Theater!! We met some sweet friends there and had a really fun time!

Hi Carol (auntie m) sent Addie this adorable octopus beach towel...Addie loves it! But Mommy accidentally led her to believe she was going to get to SEE her " Hi Carol" and when she realized that wasn't so, she was very sad...,

Relaxing one rainy her morning look :)

Saturday lizzy turned 4! She had a ranch birthday party, which addie loved!!

And finally this weekend Addie stayed with her bubbie and popee so we could have a date night!! We had a wonderful time and Addie had a blast as always!!

Addie n Harley..

One more week of school! Summer is almost here!!!

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Amanda said...

So sweet, love the pic of her in her towel w/the sad face and on the slide! Hope to see ya'll soon =)

Amy Mahrer said...

oh she's so cute, even when she's sad!