Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Addie's Weekend :-)

Addie had a super fun weekend! It started with Rylee's 2nd birthday, which was adorable and sooo much fun!!

Rylee's sweet cousin Elliott is so sweet to play with Addie and entertain her!! She pushed her around in this car for a long time!! Love her!!

Addie had to warm up to the bounce house but once she did she had a blast!!

She had to steal a birthday hug from her bff!

Happy Birthday Rylee! Can't believe you are already 2!!!

After a good nap, we met Nana and LeeLee and Addie went home with them for the weekend!

Ready to go!

Addie had a blast at their house!! And we got sooo much done around the house!! (plus a super fun date night Saturday night that included Gloria's and a late movie!) thank you ladies!!!

Addie had a fun, fun weekend and she's looking forward to the Easter bunny making a visit this weekend!! :)

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Amanda said...

So glad ya'll had fun at the party! We can't wait to see ya'll Friday =)