Sunday, April 10, 2011

9th Stop–Addie’s Party at School

My former student Peyton made these adorable treats for Addie’s school birthday party! She is raising money for a soccer camp this summer and is making delicious, adorable things to sell.  The little party in her class was so sweet.  The teachers sang to her, read a birthday story, and said a special birthday prayer over her.  It was so precious.  They even made her an adorable framed picture with her handprint!  I love, love, love her school!


At the end of the day I went to pick her up and she was still asleep on her nap mat!  I could not believe it!  All of the other kids were running around playing and yelling and she was out—completely crashed!  I guess all that partying wore her out!IMG_0562

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hillarylaird said...

Oh my goodness!!! Just preciuos! She looks adorable in her birthday hat and what cute cookies!!