Sunday, April 10, 2011

10th and final stop for tonight --Happy Birthday to My Sweet Addie B.

Ok, I know my TEN posts today have seemed a little ridiculous, but it feels so good to be all caught up! Ahh!! Now, for the most important post of all.

Dear Addie,

I cannot believe you are two. When I think back to how I felt two years ago when you were born, it brings tears to my eyes. You are the most wonderful gift God has ever blessed us with. I dreamed of being a mommy for so long and you have made that dream come true. You surpass that dream every day.. You are so much fun to be with and you make me laugh all of the time! I just can’t believe how fast the last 2 years have gone. I wanted to tell you about some of the things you love right now, at 24 months old! :-)

~When I describe you to other people, I say that you are such a sweet spirited little girl. You are so happy (most of the time) and just have such a joy about you.
~You love raisins, I am pretty sure you think they are candy!
~Your favorite meal is “Chicken and Fries!”
~You think it’s really cute to yell out “Brandon! Chelle!” to get our attention.
~You enjoy taking your jammies off in your bed…silly girl.
~YOU LOVE LOVE LOVE THE PARK. You can spot a park from a mile away if we are driving by one…and you yell out, “Swing!” “Slide!” “Park!”
~You like to sit on the potty and pretend to go “tinkle tinkle”
~You LOVE your hot pink car that your friend Lizzy gave you.
~Your favorite song is “Mine” by Taylor Swift. When we get in the car you request it by saying “Ahh Ahh Ahh” like she does at the beginning.
~When I ask you to count you start with 2 because Mommy has always said 1 for you. You also count in a high pitched squeal! Hilarious.
~You love Elmo’s World and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
~You still would wear your boots every single hour of every single day if I would let you.
~You LOVE your new wagon that Cece and Grandpa got you for your birthday. You love to sit in it and say PARK because you think when it’s out that it means we are going!
~You enjoy coloring and using stickers.
~When you’d like more, you say MMM-More! Not sure why the extra mmm on the front, but it’s your trademark.
~When you sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star it melts my heart.
~You start twisting my hair when you get tired
~You love to look at books with flaps
~You crack us up when you yell out, HOLY COW!
~You love to push your babies around in their strollers.
~Your daddy has taught you to give Eskimo Kisses and it’s the cutest thing ever.

~I am absolutely crazy about the way you yell “Oh my goodness!” This video tells it all….

Thank you for all of the ways you have blessed us with your sweet spirit! I can't believe that it's been two years since you were born! We love you soooo much!

~Mommy & Daddy


Amy Mahrer said...

Ten posts! I've missed your posts. You have been busy busy with sweetest two year old. There is no way she is already two! Love that sweet girl and her sweet mommy!

Amanda said...

WOW...what an update! I enjoyed reading each one and LOVED all the pictures! The "oh my goodness" video is the cutest! Can't wait to see ya'll this weekend =)

erickson family said...

aw. catching up on your blog with some coffee was a delightful way to spend my morning today. :) thank you! so wish we could have been there for addie's party. miss you guys so much! i honestly cannot believe she is 2!!!

chrissy said...

Love this post. Its so good to remember all those little things- cute as they are you totally forget them if you don't have them written down!

Chani said...

"Oh my goodness!!" I love it! And of course, that's Addie! Duh! Can't you girls see that? ;) Oh, I love this sweet video. I love that little girl so, so much!!!