Sunday, February 20, 2011

Will you be my Valentine?

We had a wonderful – and very memorable – Valentine’s Day 2011.  I was literally “attacked” by a raging stomach virus at approximately midnight of Valentine’s Day, so it was not a very fun day for me.  Brandon stayed home and took care of Addie, and they were both very sweet to let me sleep all day and try to get rid of that nasty bug!  Addie and her daddy gave me sweet cards and a special gift on Monday night.  I can’t believe that this year Brandon and I celebrated our 14th Valentine’s Day together!  Where has the time gone!!? Addie is totally into sticker books right now, so we gave her a “Puppy Love Sticker Coloring Book.”  She was excited!

A few weeks ago I made Addie this shirt to wear to her party day at school.  Have I mentioned lately how much my little girl LOVES school!?  She gets so giggly and giddy when we pull into the parking lot, saying “School!? School!?”  It’s fun to watch her get so excited to see her friends and her teachers.  I always loved school as a little girl and it makes my heart so happy to see her already loving it too!  Her teachers say she is talking more and more and doing a great job of getting her dot paint in the circles, stickers in the right spots, paint on the paper, etc.  I also love that she is learning about Jesus!  She’s learning so many social  things too, like no biting, no hitting, etc.  She likes to say “no no!” just like her teachers!  LOL!

We could not possibly be happier with our experience this year at her Mother’s Day Out!!


We made these Valentine’s for her friends.  They have her favorite treat of all time…marshmallows!  They had pink, heart-shaped ones this year at Target!


On the morning of her party, her daddy did a great job getting her dressed and getting her lunch made, bag packed, and off to school.  He just brought her to me (in bed) for a moment to fix her hair.  I snapped this shot of her with my phone real fast. She is so sweet, she can always make me smile…even when I am sick!


And I just thought this door display was adorable that her teachers made!


Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day too!  Love to all!


hillarylaird said...

Such a cute shirt!!! I also love your idea for her Valentine's! So cute! I'm so glad you are feeling better and so sorry you had the stomach bug and not the love bug!

Amanda said...

So sad you were so sick, but happy you are feeling better!!! I'm so happy that Addie loves school too, she looked adorable in the shirt you made her!!

Amy Mahrer said...

So happy for a new blog post! Sorry you got sick, that stinks. I love her shirt and her Valentine's!
Miss you!