Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Last Two Weeks

We have been super busy the last two weeks!  We took a road trip to Houston and then my mom came back with us for another week here.  We have had a blast!  I will let the pictures do the talking…


Thursday night, 2 weeks ago, we arrived in Houston late at night.  The next morning my stepdad, Addie’s grandpa, gave her this lady bug rain gear set and she loved it! 


Thank you Grandpa!!


Addie enjoyed lots of snuggle time with her Great Granny and Great Papa!


Four Generations Photo….


Saturday, we met up with my brother, Brian.  This was his first time to meet Addie and he loved her!!


That evening, we went to see my Uncle Pete who is very sick right now with cancer.  Addie was so sweet to lean in for a kiss..


Sunday we headed to Auntie M’s and Uncle Micah’s house for a few days…


Addie helped Auntie M Pick some broccoli from her garden…


And then Auntie M cooked us the most delicious dinner with carrots and broccoli from the garden!  Delicious!


Silly girl…


Auntie M taught Addie how to work those rain boots by splashing in puddles…


One morning I thought Addie was sleeping in, because she was so quiet…but when I went in to get her I found all of this in the bed with her.  She had gotten into some dresser drawers right next to her bed…little stinker!DSC04540

Bath time was so much fun at Auntie M’s, Addie didn’t want to get out, so she dried off in the tub!!


When we got back home, some friends gave us this table set to go with Addie’s kitchen.  She loves it!  My mom bought her a set of dishes to go with the kitchen and she has had fun all week “eating” the food she has prepared in her kitchen.  The other day she was saying something over and over until I paid attention.  I finally figured out that she was saying “PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!” She had her praying hands together and then said some chatter, then “AMEN!”  Oh, how this delights my heart!!  I pray every night as I put her to bed that even at such an early age that her heart will be turned toward Him.


We had SO MUCH FUN with Cece here all week!  Addie loved story time the most.


In the true spirit of cabin fever this week, Mom and I did lots of organizing.  Addie’s kitchen is one example.  I love the tub that says “fresh produce.” LOL!


So, her new favorite trick is unzipping and stripping out of her pj’s.  She did this 3 times in a row the other night after she was in bed!  The first time I took these pictures of her, and I know she must have been like, “Seriously! Mom!  It’s dark in here and your flash is bright!!!  I love how she is shielding her face. Smile


Play time during our snow days….


Cece must have read her 100 books while she was here…


One last snuggle!


After my mom left today we found this little critter in Addie’s bed!  Such a sweet surprise!  It’s an elephant, but Addie thought it was a puppy!


Brandon opened the garage door today and look at the snow pile up he found.  Craziest part?  It’s solid as a rock…no give at all.  Solid ice. 


We have CABIN FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOUR DAYS IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!


Love to all!


hillarylaird said...

I love all of them! What great memories you made in just two weeks! I love the ones with Brian. Great family pics. I also love love love the one of her and Brandon! Oh and the organized kitchen makes me so happy! Love ya'll!!!

Amanda said...

Yay for a new post!!! Looks like such a great trip filled with family and friends! LOVE, LOVED, LOVED all the pictures, especially the ones of Addie in her bed out of her pj's sheilding her face ( I seriously had tears from laughing)...priceless!!! Miss you girls!!!

Chani said...

Oh Michelle! I'm so glad you were able to spend some time with such great friends and family. :) How special to have pictures of Brian meeting Addie. That made me smile! I know what you mean about going stir-crazy...we're spinning in circles over here! ;) Love you! Miss you lots!

Sharon said...

This is such a sweet post! XOXO