Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Day!

As crazy as it is, we were in light layers yesterday and today we had lots and lots of snow!  Addie spent her morning running to the window saying, “Snow! Snow!”…You can tell by the first picture that Daddy was in charge this morning so I could do some sewing. We love Daddy, but he must not know what it feels like to have your hair hang in your face like this!  LOL!


So, after nap we bundled Addie up, layer upon layer, and took her out into the snow!  And just like we thought, she LOVED it!


She kept pointing and saying “Snow!!!”


I love this close up of her….She wasn’t sure what to think of the flakes falling on her nose.


I had to get a close up of her feet.  By the time we bundled her feet up with layers of socks, none of her shoes would fit, so we put ziplocs over them and squished her feet into crocs.  Man, are we amateurs or WHAT!!???


Brandon built a snowman while Addie watched and said “Snowman!”


After about 10 minutes, she was hanging pretty close to the door….that’s my girl…let’s get back in where it’s warm!


After she and I came in, Addie stood at the window like this watching her Daddy continue to make his snowman…


I love this picture below!  Little and big feet prints in the snow!


Happy SNOW DAY Friends!


hillarylaird said...

Adorable! Love the ziplock baggies! I think it's so smart! I never would have thought of that!

Carol said...

are those Addie's PJs in the snow? sounds warm???

Lindsay said...

Love it! It was a rare treat for our little ones yesterday! Glad you guys had a fun day enjoying the snow!

Sharon said...

I love it! Especially, the daddy and daughter footprints.:) And I've done the ziploc bag thing SEVERAL times myself...:)

Chani said...

Awe, you are SUCH a great Mommy!! I love the little foot prints too! So sweet. :) I just want to hug her!