Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Christmas Morning 2010

After hours of assembly, Santa completed his task of putting together and wrapping Addie’s gift! On Christmas morning, this is what she saw:


We had a wonderful morning opening gifts and enjoying our little girl. She was so much fun! She loved her kitchen and kept saying, “Hands!” as she would wash her hands.


She had lots of gifts waiting for her under the tree that weren’t from us…so it was exciting to see what she opened!


We even got to have a special Skype Christmas with Grandpa Skip and Grandma Cece all the way from Oregon. It was a wonderful Christmas morning!

It is my desire and passion to always keep Christ at the center of our celebration for Christmas, so as Addie is becoming more aware with each passing day, I am looking for ways to make this the ultimate focus of our family Christmas next year. Of course we’ll still anticipate Santa’s arrival, but I want to REALLY get excited with Addie about the birth of Jesus. Do you have any family traditions that help keep the focus on the ultimate GIFT that was ever given? I’d love to hear as I try to find ways to create meaningful traditions for our family!

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hillarylaird said...

Cutest kitchen for the cutest sweet girl!!!