Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year’s Eve 2010

We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve this year!  We spent the night at our friend Jeremy and Renee’s house (we have spent NYE with them every year of our 8 year marriage!) and had a great time as always!  Auntie M surprised us with this adorable outfit for no reason on New Year’s Eve…it came in the mail.  Can you believe they make JEGGINGS this little!!?? They actually have stirrups that go under the foot to keep them in her boots.  She was one stylin’ girl on New Year’s!!!  She played the night away with Kaden and Xander!


And then we all engaged in a cut-throat game of hide and seek!!  Addie hid on the couch!  So sneaky!


And Mommy hid under the desk in the office! Too bad I couldn’t keep from giggling when the “finder” came near!


Such fun MEMORIES!!!!

Oh, and just for grins, I took this picture last year on New Year’s Eve!  My, how things change in 1 year!!!


hillarylaird said...

She looked adorable in her NYE outfit! I can't believe how much she has grown in one year!!!

Chani said...

COWGIRL BOOTS!!! Awe...little Addie... could she be any cuter? And look at that little baby face! She has grown up big time! :)