Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun times in Kansas!

After our Christmas morning, we loaded up a few things, rather, our whole house and headed north to Kansas!  We had a wonderful time!  Addie loved all of the little dogs running around and ESPECIALLY loved being the center of Bubbie and Poppie’s universe.  We enjoyed sleeping in while they got up with her in the mornings and LOTS of yummy food!!! In the first picture her uncle Ryan had just told her not to to touch the lights on the Christmas tree and she got really mad at him, so Bubbie was comforting her.  Would you believe I didn’t even get my camera out until 30 minutes before we left to come home?  I snapped a few pictures to help us remember the fun times we had.  It was SOOOO COLD there!! We’re talking in the teens!  BRRRR!!!!


Please pray for the sweet man in the picture below.  This is Papa Glen, or to Addie he is Great Papa Glen.  He is very sick with cancer and is in a lot of pain.  Also, pray for Grandma Sue.  She is such a wonderful wife to him of over 50 years and has really done an amazing job of caring for him through his illness.


“My mouth is full Mommy!  Is this REALLY a good time for pictures!!??” Smile

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