Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Day!

As crazy as it is, we were in light layers yesterday and today we had lots and lots of snow!  Addie spent her morning running to the window saying, “Snow! Snow!”…You can tell by the first picture that Daddy was in charge this morning so I could do some sewing. We love Daddy, but he must not know what it feels like to have your hair hang in your face like this!  LOL!


So, after nap we bundled Addie up, layer upon layer, and took her out into the snow!  And just like we thought, she LOVED it!


She kept pointing and saying “Snow!!!”


I love this close up of her….She wasn’t sure what to think of the flakes falling on her nose.


I had to get a close up of her feet.  By the time we bundled her feet up with layers of socks, none of her shoes would fit, so we put ziplocs over them and squished her feet into crocs.  Man, are we amateurs or WHAT!!???


Brandon built a snowman while Addie watched and said “Snowman!”


After about 10 minutes, she was hanging pretty close to the door….that’s my girl…let’s get back in where it’s warm!


After she and I came in, Addie stood at the window like this watching her Daddy continue to make his snowman…


I love this picture below!  Little and big feet prints in the snow!


Happy SNOW DAY Friends!

Friday, January 7, 2011

6 New Posts and Time with RYWEE!

I am offcially CAUGHT up!  I think….! 

Tonight we had dinner and dessert with Rylee and her family and as usual, the girls had a BLAST together!  We went in and out of a few stores and they were both in their strollers.  When they would lose sight of each other, Ry would scream out, “ADDIE!??” and Addie would repsond, “RYWEE!!??” They are HILARIOUS together!


There was a really big lit up tree and Addie was simply amazed….



My sweet friend Carrie told me about this cool sand box behind our Mother’s Day Out building so Addie and I went to check it out on Thursday when we got out of school. I think it was her first experience with sand..?? but she LOVED it! I had fun playing with her in the sand and showing her how to fill and dump sand buckets! It made me really look forward to when we can take her to the beach for the first time!


New Year’s Eve 2010

We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve this year!  We spent the night at our friend Jeremy and Renee’s house (we have spent NYE with them every year of our 8 year marriage!) and had a great time as always!  Auntie M surprised us with this adorable outfit for no reason on New Year’s Eve…it came in the mail.  Can you believe they make JEGGINGS this little!!?? They actually have stirrups that go under the foot to keep them in her boots.  She was one stylin’ girl on New Year’s!!!  She played the night away with Kaden and Xander!


And then we all engaged in a cut-throat game of hide and seek!!  Addie hid on the couch!  So sneaky!


And Mommy hid under the desk in the office! Too bad I couldn’t keep from giggling when the “finder” came near!


Such fun MEMORIES!!!!

Oh, and just for grins, I took this picture last year on New Year’s Eve!  My, how things change in 1 year!!!

Our Two Weeks with Daddy :)

We had the best two weeks off with Brandon!!!  It was so much fun to be together and relax around the house.  We got so used to having Daddy around that we were really sad this week when he went back to work.  IMG_0019

One day I was sitting in the floor of my closet talking on the phone and Addie came to sit in my lap….she is so sweet!


I was cleaning out a closet and found some old mardi gras beads…she LOVES them!  She says NECKUS!


We were cleaning out her closet the other day and it got really quiet…we turned the corner to find THIS!!!


She actually popped the sink out and climbed through.  My friend Sharon said she’s figured out how to shower and prepare for her dinner party at the same time!  ha ha!


Such a funny girl!

Fun times in Kansas!

After our Christmas morning, we loaded up a few things, rather, our whole house and headed north to Kansas!  We had a wonderful time!  Addie loved all of the little dogs running around and ESPECIALLY loved being the center of Bubbie and Poppie’s universe.  We enjoyed sleeping in while they got up with her in the mornings and LOTS of yummy food!!! In the first picture her uncle Ryan had just told her not to to touch the lights on the Christmas tree and she got really mad at him, so Bubbie was comforting her.  Would you believe I didn’t even get my camera out until 30 minutes before we left to come home?  I snapped a few pictures to help us remember the fun times we had.  It was SOOOO COLD there!! We’re talking in the teens!  BRRRR!!!!


Please pray for the sweet man in the picture below.  This is Papa Glen, or to Addie he is Great Papa Glen.  He is very sick with cancer and is in a lot of pain.  Also, pray for Grandma Sue.  She is such a wonderful wife to him of over 50 years and has really done an amazing job of caring for him through his illness.


“My mouth is full Mommy!  Is this REALLY a good time for pictures!!??” Smile

Our Christmas Morning 2010

After hours of assembly, Santa completed his task of putting together and wrapping Addie’s gift! On Christmas morning, this is what she saw:


We had a wonderful morning opening gifts and enjoying our little girl. She was so much fun! She loved her kitchen and kept saying, “Hands!” as she would wash her hands.


She had lots of gifts waiting for her under the tree that weren’t from us…so it was exciting to see what she opened!


We even got to have a special Skype Christmas with Grandpa Skip and Grandma Cece all the way from Oregon. It was a wonderful Christmas morning!

It is my desire and passion to always keep Christ at the center of our celebration for Christmas, so as Addie is becoming more aware with each passing day, I am looking for ways to make this the ultimate focus of our family Christmas next year. Of course we’ll still anticipate Santa’s arrival, but I want to REALLY get excited with Addie about the birth of Jesus. Do you have any family traditions that help keep the focus on the ultimate GIFT that was ever given? I’d love to hear as I try to find ways to create meaningful traditions for our family!