Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sweet, sweet Saturday

Do you ever get so behind on blogging that you sort of feel overwhelmed about where to pick back up because you have missed so much?  Well….That’s where I am.  I have been thinking about how I need to go back and catch up on the last month I have missed.  But you know what?  There isn’t enough time in the day to do that, so I have decided to tell my blog who’s boss and just write about now.  So here goes!


Today was a sweet, sweet Saturday!  We started out the day in south Arlington for Vivian and Lindsey’s annual ladies’ Christmas brunch.  We had a lovely time!  Addie was so sweet and played along with the girly thing very well!

She’s not feeling all that great right now..but she was still so sweet and was so excited to see her Nana and her LeeLee!


Then after nap this afternoon, we loaded up Addie and took her to see Santa!   She was happy and excited from the moment she could see him.  She kept saying, “Santa!  Ho, ho, ho!”  But the minute her daddy handed her over to him, she panicked!  She wanted nothing to do with him up close!  So, he suggested we all get in his lap and this was the best we could get.  I think it’s such a funny memory!


After Santa, we went out to eat, drove through Starbuck’s, and went and drove through Deerfield in Plano to look at Christmas lights!  Addie loved it!  She kept pointing and saying, “Lights!” “Santa!” “Christmas Tree!” (Which sounds more like “tree tree!”)  Oh, and my favorite thing of all?  When you ask her to sing you a song and she just starts making up songs.  Better than any song on the radio!!

It was a very sweet Saturday for our family! 

I could not resist posting these pictures even though it was week before last.  We met Rylee and Amanda for lunch one day and took these pictures of them.  I just love them!


Rylee made this funny face and I just think it is so cute!!


And the following picture…is Addie’s new favorite spot to climb to…she’ll get up there and announce, “NO! NO!”  Little stinker!


So…when I was pregnant with Addie, I bought the shirt in this next picture on clearance at Macy’s for $1!  I love it because it says “Mom’s Favorite Gift”.  It is a 12 month size and swallowed her up last year so I tried it this past Thursday for school and it worked!  Her belly stuck out just a little underneath, but for the most part it looked cute!  I just love sharing Christmastime with this sweet little girl!


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Chani said...

What a funny Santa picture! That seems to be the trend with the little ones! Santa is SCARY up close! ;) She's a beautiful little Christmas gift, Michelle! :) Big hugs!!