Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thank You Amanda!

I have this friend named Amanda and she is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known!  We have such a great time with her and Rylee!  AND, she is always there for Addie and me, when we get in a pickle and need help.    The most recent way she saved the day was by watching Addie on Friday morning so that I could sew for the show on Saturday. I was starting to panic a little about all I still had to do!   Her little girl is Rylee, who I always say is Addie’s BFF.  These two girls were born about 2 weeks apart and have so much fun together.  Addie loves Rylee very much and tonight she said her name about 25 times.  I had to explain that Rylee was at home with her mommy and daddy.  The cutest part is that Amanda says Ry does the same thing, so much that now Rylee will say to her, “Addie…home…”  Smile  So cute!!  Anyway, Amanda planned a Thanksgiving craft for the girls to do together, fed them breakfast, and even loaded them both up in the car to take them to a playdate.   She is an amazing friend and Addie and I are so blessed to have her and Rylee in our lives!  Here are some pictures Amanda took of their morning together.  Thank you Amanda!  You are a gem! Addie loves being at your house as you can tell from the pictures!!

BTW, you can check out Amanda’s blog by clicking here.  It’s a super cute blog!



The Soladay Family said...

How sweet are those 2 together. You girls are such good mommies!

Amanda said...

OMG.... You're so sweet and made me all teary eyed! I LOVE keeping Addie, she is the sweetest little girl and Rylee enjoys playing with her so much, you know I will watch her ANYTIME! We are so lucky to have ya'll as friends too, I am so vey thankful!!!