Friday, November 26, 2010

So Many Things….

There are so many things I want to blog about!  If I had time, I would sit down and write a separate post about each and every one of these things.  But today I do not have time, and I do not see myself having extra time for about a week because I have so many orders to keep up with for my business {Insert Here: HUGE BLESSING!!!} and my dear friend Tara and I have a booth at our church shopping fair next weekend.  So, any time in the next week that I have to spare will be spent in my “sweat shop” creating masterpieces!!

If I had time to sit and blog lengthy paragraphs about the delicious and sometimes goofy details in my little life, here would be some of the subjects:

* The amazing date night Brandon and I were blessed with (Thanks to Bubbie!) last weekend – One word: Houston’s! 

* All of the blessings in my life that I am thankful for…this list is too long to count!

* Our {very memorable} Thanksgiving Day – Side note: Addie is never going without a nap again! LOL!

* The delicious chipotle gouda and havarti mac and cheese that Brandon and I made together on Thursday

* The utter joy and trickiness of decorating for Christmas this year!

* Experiencing Addie’s awe of our lighted Christmas trees (especially the mini-tree in her room) and the appearance of “home” from the curb.

* Remembering as I decorate that the gift of Jesus is why we celebrate Christmas

* How much I have missed my little four year olds over the break! 

* My brother, Brian is doing great in rehab and I would love your continued prayers for his healing.

*And finally, our annual family fall photo shoot! We have the most wonderful photographer. We took pictures in downtown McKinney on Tuesday.  You can visit her site by clicking HERE.   I am trying to wait to show all the pictures until I pick a few for our Christmas card, but I am IN LOVE WITH THIS ONE and could not resist posting it!!! Oh, and if you happen to click on her link, you may see a few more!!!  She is so talented! 


This little girl MELTS. MY. HEART. 


Amy Mahrer said...

Yay for a new blog post! Happy you're so busy with your awesome hobby, but sad to not get more details on all the fun events. We need to take the 'babies' on a walk ASAP!

Nicole Rodriguez said...

LOVE that picture!!! We HAVE to make plans to see each other SOON!!!

Lindsay said...

Addie is getting to be so big! Her picture is adorable, of course!! Can't wait to see more!

erickson family said...

the pictures are absolutely adorable. miss you. thankful for your family. :)