Monday, October 25, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend!!!

We had the most amazing weekend celebrating the love of Carol and Micah.  It was perfect and wonderful and such a blast.  They are so in love and so cute together.  Everything was so sweet and special.  Carol thought of so many unique touches that made her wedding unforgettable.  She was seriously the most beautiful bride I have ever seen in my whole life, and I am not just saying that because she is my best friend.  I mean it with my whole heart!  She was absolutely gorgeous.  The love the two of them have for each other is moving and the service was so sweet.  You could really feel Christ in the church as they said their vows, and hearing them choke up was enough to melt me!  I enjoyed every second of every day we were able to spend with Carol and Micah and their families.  Addie had a great time as well and they all just loved on her so much.  It was a wonderful weekend!!!!  I ate so much yummy food.  Every single meal was decadent, but the meal we enjoyed at the wedding reception was OUT OF THIS WORLD!  If you have never heard of CocoModa, you must check it out.  It is worth a road trip to eat at this restaurant.  Calvert, Texas is such a hospitable, sweet little town and every single person we met was precious.   I am so excited for the new Mr. and Mrs. Young!  I hope they are enjoying a relaxing, romantic honeymoon as I type this post.  I love you guys so much!!!  Here are some pictures from the weekend….

This is the amazing bed and breakfast we stayed in with Carol and her family . Lots and lots of fun memories were made in this luxurious place!!!DSC03177

This was taken at the church during the rehearsal…they are both so sweet to our little Addie.


Carol’s sweet nieces, Cassidy and Chloe were so good with Addie all weekend and entertained her for hours!


I love this picture!  This is Courtni holding Addie.  Courtni is a cousin of Carol’s.  When she was 5 she was our flower girl in our wedding.  Now look at her!  She is so good with Addie!  She helped me with her so much throughout the weekend!


This is Carol’s precious grandmother…love her!


Family shot at Boots ‘n Barbeque Wecome Dinner!


Auntie M was so pretty in her white western-vintage dress!  DSC03032

My little cowgirl…

 DSC03035 DSC03036 DSC03040 

Carol’s sister Natalie, is one of Addie’s favorite people!! (and one of my favorite too!!)  We had so much fun together!

After the welcome dinner was over and all of the tables were gone, Carol and Micah started dancing.  It was so cute!  I had to grab the camera.

DSC03062 DSC03063 DSC03064 DSC03067

Then, on Saturday it was time to get ready!  Carol’s wonderful hairdresser, Dean showed up to do our hair and makeup….

DSC03078 DSC03083 DSC03088 DSC03091 DSC03095 DSC03096

Isn’t she lovely!!??


Now, the photographer was busy taking pictures over the next several hours and I was running around, so my camera didn’t see any more shots until we got to the reception and Addie started coloring in her special wedding coloring book that was sitting at the seat of each child who was in attendance.  It was a coloring book called, “How it all Began..The Story of Carol and Micah.”  Precious idea!


Daddy was wonderful this weekend taking care of Addie!  Love this guy!DSC03098 DSC03100

Beautiful tables…


This is our friend Stacey who is PRECIOUS!!!

The beautiful bride and handsome groom….


My sweet little girl…
This is Carol’s cousin Jake who was so sweet with Addie too!DSC03116 DSC03117



DSC03120 DSC03122

Dance floor fun!

DSC03131 DSC03135

For 4 weeks Brandon and I have been taking secret swing dance lessons with several other couples to prepare for the wedding.  Carol and Micah love to swing dance and none of us knew how, so we took classes together to learn.  We all did a performance at the wedding as a surprise for the bride and groom.  The following pictures are from our portion of the dance…

DSC03156DSC03154 DSC03155 

Carol and Micah have taken lots of lessons and they are really good!

DSC03164 DSC03165

Love my Carol!
DSC03168 DSC03170 DSC03174 DSC03176

It was a wonderful weekend and I am so happy for our sweet friends! 


walshpartyofthree said...

I can hear your happiness in this post! You are such a great friend with a wonderful heart. It looks like it was a fabulous wedding and you looked beautiful as well! xoxo, kelly

Amy Mahrer said...

Yay for the post! I was so excited to hear about the weekend. You're excitment just overflows into your blog posts. I'm glad you all had fun and all looked amazing!

Amanda said...

Awww, I'm so happy ya'll had so much fun! The pictures are all AMAZING! You look so beautiful and happy and Addie looks just precious! Such a fun post =)

erickson family said...

that dress is beautiful! and i love your hair!!! you look fabulous!