Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend 2010 Top 10!

#10 Playing outside Saturday morning with my little girl.  She loves to be outdoors!  This weather we have had lately is so wonderful! Thank you Kristen for the black kitty cat shirt!

DSC03331 DSC03334 DSC03335

#9 Listening to Addie read a book during “high chair time” with inflection! (Not to mention the fact that the book she loves most right now is the photo book of her 1st birthday party—really love that!)


#8 Night Visit to the Park on Saturday night after dinner!  Brandon loves these SpOoKy Halloween Eve PiCtUrEs!

DSC03355 DSC03359 DSC03362 

#7 Carving a pumpkin with Addie who was completely uninterested!  Every time we asked her if she wanted to touch or try, she said “NO!” and ran the other way!  It got to be a joke, as you’ll see from the looks on our faces.

DSC03377 DSC03378 DSC03379 DSC03382 DSC03383

#6 “Bath! Baby! Bath! Baby!” Addie continually repeated this phrase this morning until I went to see what she was talking about and this is what I found…


# 5 Getting our ladybug ready for her first real trick or treating experience!!

DSC03385 DSC03391

#4 Our sweet little neighbor Lizzie showing her the ropes!

DSC03394 DSC03400 DSC03401

#3 Hearing Addie say “Trick or Treat!” (well it sounded more like teet, teet!)

She also said thank you and bye bye at each and every house! 


# 2 Seeing her really enjoy the experience as she started to figure out what to do…

DSC03416 DSC03428 DSC03433 DSC03440 DSC03446 DSC03449 DSC03454

And #1….

Celebrating Halloween with the family I have always dreamed of having.  I am so blessed, my friends!


Thank you for reading our blog!  Happy Halloween!!!!


Carol said...

This may be my favorite post to date! So much fun! she is growing changing and enjoying!
Thanks for sharing... and sharing so quickly! Looks like a super weekend at the Harmon House!

xoxo- HiCarol

Nicole Rodriguez said...

Happy Halloween!!! Addie is so CUTE!!!

Amanda said...

Oh how fun, looks like such a great weekend! I can't even tell you what picture is my favorite because there are so many!!!

Amy Mahrer said...

cutest ladybug I've ever seen :) And the ghostly pictures are pretty cool!

Sharon said...

I love it! Addie is so adorable and I love seeing you so happy! Miss you sweet friend!

Chani said...

She is getting more and more beautiful every day, Michelle. I love her sweet, happy faces and her long hair!!! That pumpkin carving is so funny! She's the prettiest ladybug I've ever, ever seen! I miss you tons!