Sunday, September 12, 2010

Harmon Family Update

Well, first of all, I feel the need to update you all on our second day of MDO!  It went MUCH better! Thank you for all of your sweet comments, calls, emails, and texts.  We love you all so much!  Day 2 was a SUCCESS! We were more than early, and both had great days.  Addie was so happy when I picked her up.  Things went better in my class too.  One thing that really saved me was that I pre-wrote names on papers of children I knew needed it.  LOL!  Who knew this little task could make my life so much easier! :-)  Here are a few first day pictures of Miss Addie.  This was post-outfit change, but I still think she looks soooo cute.  I loved seeing her sit next to her big ol’ backpack, which is actually the same size as her. I got her this backpack at Aldi for $8 and embroidered her name on it myself! 

     DSC02548 DSC02552DSC02544

Got sippy cups!? LOL!  This girl doesn’t need a paci, but she sure loves to keep a sippy hanging from her mouth!

Next, I have to document the last three days in our house.  Friday morning, Brandon had oral surgery to have two teeth removed.  One was a root canal – gone bad from several years ago, and one was a baby tooth that he never lost.  I had a sweet friend who was going to watch Addie so that I could take him, get him home and situated, then go pick her up.  Well, on Friday morning before his surgery, Addie started to run a low grade fever and her nose began to drip…we thought maybe it was just a new tooth coming in.  So…off we went to the oral surgeon’s office.  All three of us!  Addie did great in the waiting room.  When we got home, I spent the day taking care of both of them and she seemed to be ok.  UNTIL about 3 pm.  She woke up from her nap on fire with fever!  Her temp read 103.6.  Talk about freakin’ this momma out!  We had a really long night Friday night, with her up every few hours in absolute tears.  Saturday was tough too.  We alternated motrin and tylenol and she just continue to feel crummy.  She would just lay on our chests and moan/cry/sleep.  So sad!
My two sweet patients looked a lot like this all weekend:

DSC00144 DSC00142 DSC02569

I am telling you, it was enough to break my heart!   Friday evening I started to run a low grade fever as well, but there was no time for that!  After a full weekend of this, we took her to the dr. today to find out that she has a virus, and it just has to take its course.  I think she felt a little better today, she was just so tired from the whole weekend.

She is still the sweetest thing even when she’s sick.  Brandon did GREAT with his recovery, yay!  He is feeling all better and will be heading back to work tomorrow. Hopefully Addie is on the up and up and will be back to normal soon.  You know, when it rains, it pours!


Oh and one more thing!  Check out my business blog and/or etsy shop.  I have added some new things that I am pretty excited about!  I will be adding some Halloween fun really soon!

Good night!


Amanda said...

I am so happy everyone is feeling better! Those pictures of Brandon and Addie are so sad, but soooooo cute too! LOVE her 1st day pictures =)

Sharon said...

Oh, I am so sorry that you had to go through this.:( The pictures of Addie and Brandon are so precious. They will be the ones you pull out to show her when she is a teenager! I love you!

erickson family said...

just catching up on your blog this morning!! i will pray for continued ease of transistion for mdo. i am sure you are your worst critic, but i am glad it is getting better! :) miss you friend. :)