Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today was a fairy tale….

Today was nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing super special going on. Today consisted of:

-Breakfast together with the windows open – Addie had “nanas” and I had toast

-An hour long brisk morning walk outside in the beautiful weather

-A visit to the park – bonus time on the swings

-Lunch with a dear friend

-Organizing my sewing room during Addie’s nap

-Reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear out loud about 15 times

-Making dinner for a friend who had a hard day

-Bath time for Addie

-Packing up 12 month clothing to make way for 18 month clothing

-Rocking my little sweetie before bed and reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear again

Today was nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing super special going on. But today is a day I don’t ever want to forget. :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Fall Y’all!

The fall weather today was so nice!  It got me in the mood to decorate for fall and this year it was so much fun to have my little sidekick helping me!  :-)


From the moment Brandon got the boxes down, Addie was right there in the middle of it all…she is so funny.

 DSC02652 DSC02653 DSC02655 DSC02656 DSC02658

Of course the lid was the most fun of all…


My friend Allison Soladay, who is an amazing decorator, always posts pictures of her decorations.  You should check out her blog, by clicking here.  She inspired me to take some pictures of my favorite fall things around our house….


I love this pumpkin…got it a few years ago at a Christian bookstore for half off after the season…it’s my favorite fall decoration…

 DSC02668 DSC02669

Couldn’t resist this little frame I found in my fall box…check out that little round pumpkin from last year…. :-)

Love this plate, found it at Cracker Barrell a few years ago…

DSC02671 DSC02686

Can’t wait to start reading some of Addie’s fall books to her…


My little “ghoul” chose Mouse’s First Halloween for her first official Halloween read-aloud this year.  I love this book!  My dear friend, Sharon gave her this book last year.  Sharon’s son Hunter was in my third grade class a few years ago and is now in 8th grade.  Sharon has become a very close friend to me over the last several years.  She is so sweet and loves to give Addie books for all kinds of occasions.  Last year when she gave Addie this book, she put the cutest message inside the front cover.  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it today…see below. 


Can you see her boys in their costumes?  She actually cut them out and glued them in the cover of the book!  Can you say PRECIOUS!!??

Now, look at Superman and Winnie the Pooh present day….

HW Cowboy Stadium NFL 2010

Aren’t they so handsome!  They are growing into the sweetest young men!

We had such a great weekend!  Today we went to the park twice and last night we had a fun dinner with Rylee and her parents, Brad and Amanda!  So happy fall is finally here!  Love to all!

PS—Keeping reading for another new post I made tonight!

Our Little Monkey’s First Zoo Trip!

Over Labor Day weekend we took Addie to the Dallas Zoo and had such a great time!  I know it was a long time ago, but right after that was when everyone got sick, and there has been so much going on that I never blogged about it.  So, here we go!

The weather was amazing and it was a great time for our family to do this together! :-)  Addie’s favorite thing was to wave to the animals and say “Hi!”  She was a blast.  I know I say this all the time, but she is more and more fun every day.  The things she understands and enjoys just amaze me!  It was so hard to narrow down the pictures, so here are a bunch.

They had a section set up like a farm, and she loved the petting zoo…

   DSC02504 DSC02508 DSC02509 DSC02515








\DSC02531  DSC02535



Such fun memories…we are so blessed!  I seriously do not think I have ever been as happy in my life as I am right now!

 DSC02541 DSC02533

We weren’t in the car 5 minutes to head home, when we turned around and saw this….


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

School Pictures

Addie’s sweet, sweet teachers sent all of the parents the two following pictures! The first one is nap time…would you look at that!!?? My girl is totally sleeping on that nap mat! The second is Bible Time. I am afraid my kid is the one NOT paying attention. LOL! :-) Love these little glimpses into her day. These were taken last week on Thursday. We decided to stay home on Tuesday this week for more time to recover. :-)

2nd day of school sleeping 2nd day of school Bible time

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Harmon Family Update

Well, first of all, I feel the need to update you all on our second day of MDO!  It went MUCH better! Thank you for all of your sweet comments, calls, emails, and texts.  We love you all so much!  Day 2 was a SUCCESS! We were more than early, and both had great days.  Addie was so happy when I picked her up.  Things went better in my class too.  One thing that really saved me was that I pre-wrote names on papers of children I knew needed it.  LOL!  Who knew this little task could make my life so much easier! :-)  Here are a few first day pictures of Miss Addie.  This was post-outfit change, but I still think she looks soooo cute.  I loved seeing her sit next to her big ol’ backpack, which is actually the same size as her. I got her this backpack at Aldi for $8 and embroidered her name on it myself! 

     DSC02548 DSC02552DSC02544

Got sippy cups!? LOL!  This girl doesn’t need a paci, but she sure loves to keep a sippy hanging from her mouth!

Next, I have to document the last three days in our house.  Friday morning, Brandon had oral surgery to have two teeth removed.  One was a root canal – gone bad from several years ago, and one was a baby tooth that he never lost.  I had a sweet friend who was going to watch Addie so that I could take him, get him home and situated, then go pick her up.  Well, on Friday morning before his surgery, Addie started to run a low grade fever and her nose began to drip…we thought maybe it was just a new tooth coming in.  So…off we went to the oral surgeon’s office.  All three of us!  Addie did great in the waiting room.  When we got home, I spent the day taking care of both of them and she seemed to be ok.  UNTIL about 3 pm.  She woke up from her nap on fire with fever!  Her temp read 103.6.  Talk about freakin’ this momma out!  We had a really long night Friday night, with her up every few hours in absolute tears.  Saturday was tough too.  We alternated motrin and tylenol and she just continue to feel crummy.  She would just lay on our chests and moan/cry/sleep.  So sad!
My two sweet patients looked a lot like this all weekend:

DSC00144 DSC00142 DSC02569

I am telling you, it was enough to break my heart!   Friday evening I started to run a low grade fever as well, but there was no time for that!  After a full weekend of this, we took her to the dr. today to find out that she has a virus, and it just has to take its course.  I think she felt a little better today, she was just so tired from the whole weekend.

She is still the sweetest thing even when she’s sick.  Brandon did GREAT with his recovery, yay!  He is feeling all better and will be heading back to work tomorrow. Hopefully Addie is on the up and up and will be back to normal soon.  You know, when it rains, it pours!


Oh and one more thing!  Check out my business blog and/or etsy shop.  I have added some new things that I am pretty excited about!  I will be adding some Halloween fun really soon!

Good night!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Consider it pure joy....

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything." James 1:2-4

So, sometimes I think I only post stuff on here that is happy and rosy and wonderful! Well, life is not always rosy, you know!? As James said in the verse above, sometimes we face trials...trials of many kinds. Some are big and some are small. Looking back on yesterday, I can see that it was a SMALL trial, but a trial none-the-less. And since this is, after all, a documentation of Addie's babyhood, I feel obligated to document what happened on our first day of Mother's Day Out. I typed up the following email last night to send to a friend, so I am editing it a little and pasting it in this blog post. I know some day we will look back and laugh at this little story, but yesterday it was a pretty rough day!

I did take some cute pictures of Addie on her first day that I will post later. For now, an account of our DAY 1: New Adventure.

Well, we started out running really late...which was just not a very good way to kick off our year. Just combine the torrential downpours, crazy traffic, the fact that Addie had a blow out before we left in her first day outfit, and I just plain didn't leave myself enough time, we were about 20 minutes late. ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. I missed the devotional meeting time, {which is mandatory...} she didn't get to finish her milk, they wouldn't let her take her milk into the class, AND I had about 2 min. to pull myself together before 10 4 year olds came bouncing through the door. Ok so back up to when we arrived, my director met me at the door and I was sobbing, standing in the rain, locked out, with my baby on one hip, her nap mat, backpack, my bag, my purse, my lunch on the other arm, trying to hold up my umbrella. She was really great, but I felt like such an idiot. As for our day...Addie did great and had lots of fun. kids are precious and we had a good day, but let's just say that going from 9 year olds to 4 year olds is a CRAZY change. I felt like i was herding WORMS all day! Then, at the end of the day, Addie was the last one in her class when I got there and I could tell she was really sad, like, "Mom? Did you forget me?" (This part still makes me cry a little) It was like a feeling of abandonment that I cannot prevent...b/c I am a teacher there, I will always have to wait for all of my kids to be picked up before I can get her, so she will always have to watch everyone else's mommies come before hers. They SAID she slept great but her daily sheet said she didn't sleep at all, so I tried to lay her down for a few minutes when we got home, only to make her good and mad...then I hear her cry so hard that I started to run up the stairs {can you say my baby = pure exhaustion} she made herself throw up all over herself, her bedding, bedskirt, everything! My sweet hubby brought home italian food take out for dinner to make me feel a little better, but I was just really bummed all evening. I KNOW we will get in a routine, and it will all be ok, but last night it felt really frustrating and not easy. I hate for it to sound like I am complaining, because I am SO grateful for being able to stay home and do this MDO, it's just that our first day was rough. Thankfully I had today to recuperate and I have a list of things I am going to do differently on Thursday. (including the purchase earlier today of one of those rolling crates! LOL!)

That's it folks. Day 1 of OUR New Adventure = not so hot. I completely underestimated the challenges that were ahead of me. Maybe a blessing in disguise? I wasn't worried at all, hmph!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Our New Adventure :)

I am so excited about the new adventure Addie and I are about to embark upon! This coming Tuesday we start our Mother’s Day Out! It is such an awesome, Christian program that operates on Tuesday/Thursday from 9-2 at a church in our town. I will be teaching four year olds and Addie will be going to a class for kiddos her age. Today we had “Meet the Teacher” for both of us. The first round, she was in the staff child care and I had my new kiddos come to my classroom. It was so much fun meeting their sweet little faces! I have 10 little ones, and a teacher’s aide who floats among 3 classes. I have been working during our inservice days to get my room ready. I have compared the feeling to being a brand new teacher because even though I have set up many rooms, I have not ever set up a preschool room! It was so much fun. It’s a little room, for little people. Every single staff member I have come in contact with at this preschool has been so very sweet. I just love it already! After my “Meet the Teacher” was over, Brandon met me and we walked over to get Addie so she could go to her “Meet the Teacher.” She has been blessed with the sweetest two ladies who will be taking care of her each Tuesday/Thursday. It was so obvious that both of these ladies LOVE, LOVE, LOVE kids her age and are passionate about what they do. I can’t wait to see everything she learns! They went over the curriculum, the schedule, recess info, etc. and it was amazing to me to see all that she will be exposed to twice a week! They are also going to teach them how to pray out loud! How sweet will that be!? A lot of the kids were timid and scared, but not my little princess. As you can see from the pictures (YES—I was that neurotic mom who is flashing pictures with her big obnoxious camera at “Meet the Teacher”…I mean I won’t be able to take pics on the first day b/c I will be with my own class, so cut me some slack! LOL!) ANYway, as you can see from the pictures, she was RIGHT at home. She enjoyed climbing, playing, looking out the windows…you name it. I think she’s going to have so much fun and I can’t wait! I am also so excited about the parties in her class. They will have a costume day for Fall Festival, a Christmas Party, a Cowboy/Cowgirl day, and even a Mother’s Day Tea! Wow! I told Brandon tonight on a walk, “My heart is so happy!” I just feel so blessed that Addie and I get to be a part of such a great place, and a great program. :-)

The first few pictures are of my classroom. Can you believe they gave me the one with the hot pink wall? Wow! Then the last few pics are of Addie in her classroom. LOVE her!
DSC02419 DSC02421 DSC02423 DSC02424 DSC02425 DSC02428

Now for Addie’s “Meet the Teacher”…

DSC02429 DSC02431 DSC02432 DSC02433 DSC02434 DSC02436