Sunday, August 1, 2010

FrIeNdS plus SuMmEr equals FuN!

Addie and I have had LOTS AND LOTS of fun this summer playing with friends! Here is just a glimpse at who we’ve been hangin’ with!

Misty and Paisley – Misty is a dear HS friend of mine


Raley and Gracie and Corey – I also went to HS with Corey and she was a bridesmaid in our wedding


Grady and Jett and Jen – We go to church with this sweet family – Jen & Aubrey are their parents


Ansley, Ella, Ava – Their mom and dad are Jeff and Gretchen. They were in our first hometeam ever at FC


Landry and Auntie Hilly


Kate – Kate belongs to one of my newest friends, Teresa


Rylee (Addie’s BFF) :-) - And I taught with Rylee’s momma - Amanda


Ben and Mayson – I taught with their mommies (Ashley and Amy) at Tadlock

ben2 Ben 1

Auntie M and some “new” friends at the Snowcone stand…


Halle & Keaton – Another lifetime friend couple…Tim and Melissa – first Hometeam at FC


Kaden and Xander – Same story..their parents, Jeremy and Renee are lifelong friends of ours - and former FC buds

Can’t forget our playtime with Aunt Jess, she’s just a grown-up kid!


Cat, Rusten, Heather, Logan, Merilee, & Dylan – Mom’s Zeta Girls and their babies


Henry – Henry’s Mom and Dad are our friends Pete & Jolene…more on them later… :-(


Any of our friends that we have seen that are not in this post, YOU ARE SPECIAL TO US! Mommy just forgot to take pictures of our playtime with you! Oh, and Lindsay, please send splash park pictures so I can add Logan to this post!! :-)

All of this playing leaves our little girl…..all tuckered out!



Stacie said...

She is the cutest thing!!! I loved seeing all her friends! You are such a good mommy! I hope to see you soon!! Miss you guys and give sweet Addie a hug from us!! Love you!


Chani said...

Love this post! Look at all of Addie's friends! I agree, you are an amazing Mommy!

erickson family said...

aw! i love that picture of addie and henry. such busy little bugs. i think henry is already wondering where all his friends are. :( miss ya!