Thursday, August 12, 2010

Even more sewing fun!!

My embroidery machine came on Monday and I have been having SO much fun this week!  Brandon is worried his underwear are going to monogrammed soon!  LOL!  Here are a few of the things I have had fun personalizing:

Machine arrives!
(You should have seen me getting this upstairs by myself!)


Within 1 hour of arrival, I had done this:


Then it was time to get more creative with fonts/colors!

DSC02213DSC02215  DSC02218    DSC02206 DSC02207 DSC02209 DSC02210 DSC02212 

I love this machine!! It is so user friendly and fun!  Now, still working on……………….

that etsy shoppe courage! :-) Love to all!


Alyson said...

So much fun!!! I just told Justin the other day that I wanted to make sure we had plenty of personalized stuff for the I know who to give my business to! Forget about Etsy...I'll keep you in business for a little bit!! (Just kidding--go for Etsy too!)

Amy Mahrer said...

You are so TALENTED! Love it all!!! Great job!!!

erickson family said...

oooh! i love it. i want to have another baby just so you'll make me something. miss ya friend. :)

Lindsay said...

How cool!! I love it all! I would go nuts with one of those! (Except for the fact that I'm not talented like you in the sewing department, so I can't do any of that!) I will definitely give you some business once we have baby #2!!

Ashley Warren said...

Love it! I can't wait for you to make Mayson's b-day shirt!