Monday, August 16, 2010

Addison Berkley 16 month Update

I thought it was high-time for an update on my precious little Addie B!  She is growing and changing every single day!  I cannot even put into words how much fun Addie is these days.  She is VERY busy and into EVERYTHING, so she keeps me on my toes for sure!  Since this blog is serving as our “baby book”, I wanted to catch a glimpse of everything she’s into right now.  And of course it’s a great excuse to post some fun pictures of her taken lately!

IMG_0423 IMG_0424 DSC02045 DSC02095 DSC02183 DSC02057 DSC02148 DSC02187DSC02126 DSC02011

 DSC02021DSC02114 DSC02158

She now RUNS wherever she goes and plays really hard!  She is now officially down to one nap.  She dropped the morning nap around the end of July and hasn’t looked back.  It has changed our lives to be able to go and do things in the mornings!  And she sleep so soundly when she’s down…she wears her little self out!

Here is an Addie Run-down:

Weight: 22 pounds

Favorite Foods: Cheddar crackers, watermelon, animal crackers, broccoli, cheese

Favorite Things to Do: Play “chase” with Daddy (see picture below), dance, sing, read books, love on her babies, swing at the park, swim

Favorite Book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear (she could listen to this over and over and over)

Loves to say: OH TOODLES!  (From the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Show)…she doesn’t watch a whole lot of tv only because she won’t sit still long enough, but she LOVES this one show to be on in the background.  She dances and sings when the clubhouse appears at the beginning and when they do the hot dog dance at the end.

Baby Signs: Milk, More, Please, All Done, Eat (Won’t sign Thank you, but says the words, so I guess that’s ok!)

She also loves to say “puppy?” when she hears a dog bark.

Words: Mama, Daddy, Puppy, Baby, Thank you, Oh, toodles!  Ok!, hmmm…drawing a blank on any others.

She sits so still when I do her hair, but won’t stay put for a diaper change to save her life….

She loves to put things in the trash….like her video monitor!  LOL!

She loves, loves, loves her bath time and this is when we work on colors…she has purple and red down, the rest are foggy.

She knows where her nose, ears, eyes, mouth, belly button, and feet are!

And WHAT is she looking forward to!?  Grandma Cece comes this Friday for a nice, long visit and we can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

This little girl melts my heart!  She just gets to be more and more fun each and every day!  Everyone keeps asking when she’s going to have a little brother or sister and my answer is that for now, we are just really enjoying this stage and there are no immediate “plans” for another baby Harmon any time soon! :-)




The Soladay Family said...

She has grown so much, and her hair is so long! Precious!

Miss you tons!

Amanda said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE evry single picture, she is so stinkin cute! "oh toodles," is for sure my favorite! We had fun with ya'll today and look forward to next time!!!