Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sophie, Sweet Sophie....

Sophie is a full breed sable-colored female Cocker Spaniel. She weighs about 18 pounds and she is 7 years old. She is an inside dog bounding with energy! She loves to be around people and will come find you if you are in another room. She enjoys sitting in your lap and giving you kisses. She is crate-trained and can stay in a crate all day long. Sophie requires a lot of love and attention and thrives well with lots of walks and lots of potty breaks. She is up to date on her vaccinations and heartworm-free. She takes flea/tick medication as well as heartworm preventative medication. She has been cared for in the best possible way. She has been groomed often throughout her time in our home. Sophie is friendly with other dogs and even children. She has never bitten anyone or snapped at anyone. I have attached two pictures of her. Bold
This is Sophie's "bio" for the Cocker Spaniel Rescue Society. Today Sophie is attending a "meet and greet" where potential preapproved families will meet her and decide if she would be a good fit for their family. We are so sad that it has come to this point. She has been our baby for such a long time but after Addie came along, she just hasn't been the same so many ways. It's been so hard to see her not thriving. Will you say a little "doggie prayer" that whatever is meant to be will happen today? We have both cried off and on all morning getting her stuff ready to go. They told us to be prepared for her to go home with someone today if anyone should fall "in love" with her.
Sometimes it's really hard to do the very thing you feel is best for someone you love so much.


Amy Mahrer said...

oh Michelle, I'm so sorry. I just can't imagine how hard this is for you.

Chani said...

My heart hurts so much for you with this, Michelle. I know how much you love Sophie and how much of a difficult decision this has been. You're truly doing what is best for the family. I love you girl. We'll be praying hard for you guys and for Sophie. It's all in God's hands and He will take care of it.