Friday, July 30, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance LIVE!!!!


Today, I received the following email from my husband:

Mark Wed Sep 22 on your calendar...we're going to see So You Think You Can Dance - Live Tour!  Love you.

Anyone who knows me knows that I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS SHOW!  I love, love, love it!! I have been known to watch single episodes 5 or 6 times each!  AND the episode where Twitch and Alex do hip hop (see photo below) is protected (un-deletable) on my DVR b/c when I am feeling glum, all I have to do is watch that dance to perk back up! h_352_65251

I might even have downloaded the nappytabs routine from the dizzy feet foundation website and and I MIGHT be secretly practicing the routine when I am home alone….??

I love this show so much and my sweet, amazing, wonderful husband has completely surprised me with tickets to their live tour!!!!

I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!

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hillarylaird said...

You crack me up!!!! Will you perform your routine for me next time I'm over? :)

Lindsay said...

I'd love for you to post a video of you doing your routine...... :)

erickson family said...

if you had a "jealous" reaction button, i would so be hitting that one!! i CANNOT wait to hear all about this!!! ;)