Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet Baby Landry

Today Addie and I went to see Auntie Hillie and Baby Landry! It was so much fun! He is such a sweet little man with the most adorable dark hair and eyes. He melts my heart! It was Addie’s first time to meet Landry, so we had to take pictures of them together. She did really good sitting still (I was worried!)…but I think she looks like such a big girl next to him! MY BABY isn’t such a baby anymore is she??? :-)

IMG_0327 IMG_0326 IMG_0328 IMG_0325


Amanda said...

Wow, you have been quite a busy blogger here lately. I lOVE all 3 of your last posts. The last picture of you, Addie and baby Landry is the cutest thing EVER!

Chani said...

Awwww! Baby Landry! He's a cutie pie! Addie looks like she'll be a great big sister one day too! ;) Love the happy summer pictures. You look so tan and beautiful, Michelle!

hillarylaird said...

Love it! Addie was so sweet with him! Landry is already in love! I wish he would have smiled for his girl! I love the one of the 3 of you! So cute! We need one with the 4 of us!!