Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Father’s Day!


Brandon, you are an amazing Daddy!  It’s been so fun to see you in action over the last 14 months!  Addie is one lucky girl!

To my dad, I love you, I love spending time with you,  and you always know how to make me laugh! 

To my stepdad, thank you for caring so much about us and taking such good care of my mama!

To all of our Grandpas, we love you and Happy Father’s Day!

And to Brandon’s Dad “Blue” in Heaven, we miss you every day….and we know you are our special angel, watching over us.


erickson family said...

definitely thought about you guys on father's day. i am sure it was filled with mixed emotions.

love the picture of addie and brandon with the icecream. what a good daddy. her hair is getting so long and she looks so cute in green!

we need to get together soon!

Amanda said...

Such a cute picture!

Chani said...

Oh, how I miss you and your sweet little Miss! :) Love the ice cream picture with Daddy. I saw the pictures on Amanda's blog of the girls swimming too! HOW CUTE! :) I bet you are just on cloud 9 staying home with Addie. Big hugs, friend! Love, love, love! :)

The Soladay Family said...

Ditto what Chani said! Miss you!