Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goin’ to the Chapel….

I am so totally excited and happy to make this post!!!

Carol and Micah are ENGAGED!  Friday morning I was sitting with Addie giving her some milk at around 7:30 am when I got a text asking if I could meet Carol in Fort Worth that afternoon.  Remember, she lives in HOUSTON!  My reply: “YES OMG Y?” She wouldn’t tell me anything, just to come meet her!!

I called my friend Amanda and asked if she could watch Addie for me for a few hours and she was more than happy to keep her!  BTW thank you SO much Amanda (Addie had such a blast playing the afternoon away with Rylee!)   So, I got ready, dropped her off and headed to FW.  When I arrived Carol told me to meet her at Haltom’s Jewelers.  This is where Carol worked through college.  It’s also my personal favorite jeweler because Brandon got my ring there!  :-)  When I came around the corner I saw her glowing and smiling from ear to ear with a beautiful diamond ring on her left hand!!! I hugged her, hugged Micah, and cried!  I am so very very excited for them!!!!  Micah actually proposed that morning with a bubble gum wrapper ring (that’s a really cute inside story between the two of them) and then he drove her to FW to pick out her ring because he told her, “You are going to wear this forever!”   I had to keep this news TOP secret all weekend because they were telling Carol’s entire family in person on Monday.  I just love Micah so much.  I think he is perfect for Carol!  They are such a cute, happy couple and I could not possibly be more excited!  They are getting married in October of this year!  I can hardly wait!  Yay!!! Congrats to the two LOVEBIRDS!!!!

I took this picture of them when we had lunch Friday.  She is wearing her gum wrapper ring in this pic!  SO CUTE!!



Dianah said...

OMG!!!!! I don't know whether to be mad or ecstatic. What a way to find out a week after the fact!

Brunson Family said...

YEA Carol!!! So happy for her!