Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tell Me Somethin’ Good!

There is so much to update! So many good—well GREAT—things going on in our busy little corner of the world!

The greatest thing of all is that we only have 10 more days of school!

I am also so excited to share that my friend Alyson found out her twins are boys!!! She is so excited!!! Praise God for healthy babies!!

So, I was able to pull of a great surprise for a GREAT friend, Sharon. She has had a wall of picture frames the whole time I have known her, but has never had pictures in them….so together with her husband, I managed to sneak into her house one Saturday in early May and fill her albums with pictures without her knowing! It was a fun and very SURPRISING birthday present! Love you Sharon! (ps—I know you hate seeing yourself on my blog, but too bad!!)


Brandon’s Mom and Sister bought a house! We went and saw it on Mother’s Day and had lunch with them. It is such a cute house and we are so happy for them! You can see the boxes in the background…that will help us remember that this picture was taken during their move! We love you Nana and Aunt Lindsey!

Baby Xander was born! Praise God! He joined us on May 10th at 10:51 AM he was 7 lbs 1 oz. He is absolutely precious and perfect and such a little blessing. We could not be happier for the Cannons! It’s so fun to be Aunt Chelle and Uncle B to another little sweetie pie!

IMG_0208 IMG_0209 IMG_0225

I got to see baby Landry again! I even got to feed him his bottle. He is so adorable and sweet. He loves his Aunt Chelle too!


Addie’s hair will now go into side pigtails! I have so much fun doing her hair! Thanks to her sweet bestie, Rylee for the cute outfit! You can see from these pictures that she is a BUSY bee these days! Her walk has turned into a fast-paced—walk-almost RUN lately. I have so much fun with her!!
IMG_0216 IMG_0217 IMG_0218 IMG_0219 IMG_0220

We are sad to see our friends Katie and Harry moving to Colorado. We had dinner with them on Sunday night to wish them well. These are two of the sweetest people on the face of the planet. They have been in both of the lifegroups we’ve been a part of at Hope. Love you guys!!


We picked up Chili’s for Jeremy, Renee, and Kaden this week and Brandon was entertaining Addie outside while we waited. She loves to be on his shoulders….and I love to see her (and him) smile like this.


Jeremy gave Addie some chocolate pudding and she was a FAN!


I just loved this shot of her eating her afternoon snack….


Addie has been sick for two days with a cold. Brandon and I have been taking half days off to tag team taking care of her. Please say a little prayer that she kicks it fast! She is all stopped up and has so much drainage. Poor baby breaks Mom’s heart!

Here are all the pictures (+ a few more) from this post in an album format.


Chani said...

I LOVE the pigtails!! Look at her pretty hair!! :) I need to see that baby again very soon!

Amy Mahrer said...

LOVE those pigtails, but don't love that she's been sick. Michelle, you're such a good friend to so many people :)

erickson family said...

addie just gets cuter every day. she is precious. thank you, brandon for coming to henry's party and representing. :) michelle and addie we missed you, but i hope you had some good mommy daughter time and travel memories! :)

The Soladay Family said...

Those pigtails....I cannot take it. They are too darn cute!