Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother’s Day

Dearest Addie,

Thank you for waking up so happy each day and greeting me with that precious little smile when I come into your room.

Thank you for your sensitive spirit. You get so sad when we say “no,” but you are so easily soothed and move on so quickly.

Thank you for teaching me about sacrificial love. I really would do anything for you and your health and happiness.

Thank you for that adorable giggle that makes us giggle, too. It’s such a delightful sound to hear your happiness.

Thank you for your curiosity-your inquisitive eyes see God’s creation in a way that I had never seen it before.

Thank you for being such a unique little girl.

Thank you for saying, “mama.” It is my favorite word.-- Even when you say it to Sophie :-)

Thank you for making me a mother. Thank you for making my dreams come true. I’m SO lucky to be your mama.

Big hugs ‘n’ kisses,


IMG_2340IMG_2364 IMG_2458 IMG_2466


We had a wonderful Mother’s Day! We were joking about how last year was my first Mother’s Day, but Addie was only around a month old and we look back at that time as the “Twilight Zone!” Ha ha! This year was delightful. I got to sleep in, woke up to my favorite breakfast, had beautiful roses delivered to the house, and enjoyed time with my two favorite people. Brandon and Addie worked together to create the sweetest gift. We have been wanting to take pictures of Addie in the bluebonnets. He snuck away last Sunday when I was busy and took pictures of her in the bluebonnets! Then, he took her to Color Me Mine and they made me a frame to house the picture…complete with his artwork and her fingerprints for the bluebonnet petals. It is such a special gift that I will treasure FOREVER!!!


And now some of the bluebonnet pictures from their secret photo shoot! I just love how they turned out!

IMG_0188 IMG_0196 IMG_0195 IMG_0182

Brandon and I are both blessed with wonderful moms. Mom, Julie and Vivian -- We love you all three sooo very much! Happy Mother’s Day!


Sharon said...

This is really sweet! What a precious day for one of the best moms ever!

Amy Mahrer said...

What a sweet gift you will cherish forever from a sweet husband!

Amy Mahrer said...

And I can't look at the first picture of you with happy tears without tearing up myself.

Aubrey and Jen said...

What a guy...so creative & thoughtful!!! Your letter to Addie was precious & made me cry! You are a wonderful Mother!!!