Monday, May 31, 2010


We seriously had the best long weekend!  It was so relaxing and fun.  Addie still has a pretty bad cough so we decided to keep her in most of the weekend. We had to cancel plans with our friends Jeremy and Renee because we were worried about Addie getting Xander and Kaden sick.  So, we just hung close to the house and cooked most of our meals at home.  It was so wonderful!  Here is our weekend top 10:

10. Friday afternoon…I had to work a little late to work on packing my classroom, but Addie and Brandon stopped by to see me and bring me a sonic drink.  Addie had fun exploring my classroom and helping me pack.  She really got into playing with my geometric solids…. We’re working on the word vertex.  LOL!


9. Friday night….grilled chicken…a glass of Riesling…complete relaxation.

8. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday…Addie slept till 8 am!!! Holla!  Three days in a row of sleeping in!  Wow!  I also love watching her toddle around the house in her diaper in the mornings!


7. Saturday night…DATE NIGHT!  Thanks Nana and Aunt Lindsey for watching Addie so Brandon and I could go on a much-needed date night.  We went to see the movie Date Night and had dinner at Pappadeux on the patio!  So fun.


6. Sunday shopping.  Got a new pair of Yellowbox Flip Flops!  Thanks to my friend Tonya for the sale alert!!

5. Sunday night grilling.  Love that my man knows his way around a grill!  We had delicious beef kabobs!  (Of course I had to take a picture)


4. Sunday night…rented a movie and watched it laying in bed.  Can it get any better?

3. Monday morning walk around the neighborhood…my little girl loves riding in Kaden and Xander’s wagon we are currently borrowing.  Fun times!


2. Monday …Brandon’s delicious guacamole…hmmm…lots of my top 10 are food things…I might have blown my Weight Watchers again this weekend! Dang!

1. Monday afternoon pool time…we blew up Addie’s pool  —thanks Mayson!!—and  she swam to her heart’s content.  She laughed so hard.  It was a blast!


FOUR MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL, but who’s counting!???!!!! 

DSC01458 DSC01464


Amanda said...

I LOVE the pictures of her in her pool, freaking adorable!!! I can't wait to see her and Rylee play together this summer!

Lindsay said...

Hope you enjoy your first day of summer today with Addie!! I know you've been waiting for this day for a long time! We still have 4 more days....

I'm excited to see what your new life as a SAHM brings! Being with Addie through all her growing moments will surely be a special gift!