Monday, May 10, 2010

Answered Prayers!!

**Before I start, this whole post is all top secret!! I will tell more in the post below, but if you know anyone at a Frisco Mother's Day Out, please keep this on the down-low!! I am only posting this b/c it's a private blog so I know who is reading it!

Some of you saw my facebook post on Friday that said "Big decision on the brain...." Well, after lots of talking, praying, pro/con-list making, spreadsheet calculating, and praying some more, we made a decision this weekend that I am really excited about!

First of all, a little background. (This might be a little boring for others to read, but since I am using this blog as a baby book for Addie, I wanted to document all of this for her to read some day. Who knows, she could have the same dilemma one day?? :-)

As you know, going back to work this year was a big decision for me. If you click here, you can read the post I made the Friday before teachers reported back in August. Brandon and I prayed a lot about this decision! I knew that I loved my baby girl like nothing I had ever felt before, but I also knew how I loved teaching. I decided, with a heavy heart, that the best thing for our family was for me to go back to teaching full time. It was so hard to leave Addie! I cried every Monday like a big baby. Everyone kept telling me it would get easier. I can honestly say that it did get easier. I learned short cuts, tricks, used every one of my personal days, and rushed out of school at 3:30 as often as possible. But, around Christmas time, the burden was weighing really heavy on my heart that I wanted to stay home with her. So, we started praying again. We made the decision that next school year I will stay home. We knew it is going to be tight, and we knew that it won't be easy, but we felt that it was the best decision for us. We also felt that God knew what He was doing when he gave me peace about working this year. That is because He knew that I needed to experience it to know what I would prefer. :-)

So, fast-forward to now. Knowing that I am going to be a stay at home mom makes me ecstatic. We have only three reservations....

1. Addie. It is important to us both that she be exposed to experiences where she is with other children and with adults other than me, learning to share and socialize. Since we aren't planning to have more children in the NEAR future, we were hoping to find a part time mother's day out or something that she could attend part time.....however with finances being tight, we weren't sure this would happen. And after all, playdates could meet this need. :-)

2. Money. We are trying to trust God, but I must admit....we have looked at our budget, cut as many expenses as possible, and we were still coming up a little short. It is inevitable that I would need to find some way to bring in some income for our family...we have been praying about this since January--that God would make it really clear what His plan is for that area of our life.

3. My Mental Health. It's no secret that I love being busy. Some moms are just cut out for staying home.....and I have always cautiously wondered if that is me.....I know that I would stay busy as a mom at home full time, but I am a little afraid I would crave some time outside the home. I love working with kids. We both have felt like I would need something to help transition me from full time teaching for 10 years to staying home. You know...just part-time, that would help me transition from one phase of life to the next. Also, a little adult interaction would be fun and stimulating for this busy bee social life-lovin' mama. I have always LOVED working!

So all this to say, I have been chatting up my concerns with anyone who will listen. A friend from work was telling me about a very reputable Mother's Day Out program that is about 10 minutes away from our house. She used to teach there and LOVED it. They have a 2 day program, Tues./Thurs. from 9 am - 2 pm. They did not have any openings, but after I applied, the directors contacted me for an interview. I wasn't sure when I went to the interview, but decided to go ahead and see what it was all about. I was so pleasantly surprised as we met. Addie would be attending the class for her age group at half price while I teach down the hall. So she would get lots of interaction with other kids and adults on a regular basis. And what's even cooler? The pay is almost exactly what we need AFTER her tuition is taken care of. Wow. The teachers are fun, energetic, and LOVE kids. For the preschool, they only hire certified teachers. The lesson plans are done for you, and all materials are taken care of as well. They have teacher's aides to help with craft projects. I would still have Mon., Wed., Fri., to do my stay -at-home-mom thing. Two days a week, we would have to get up, get dressed, and out of the house. I think that would be a really good thing for me. Also, it would be two days that I wouldn't be tempted to spend money! That's a HUGE bonus! They have great incentive programs where you can "bonus" at the end of the school year. They operate on the FISD calendar, so we would still have summers off, holidays, etc. Wow. It just seemed too perfect.

Only bummer -- they had no openings and wouldn't know about any possible openings till July.

Wah...Wah....So I left a little bummed because I really liked this option. But I told myself if they call in July then we would talk then and in the meantime we would just continue to pray for guidance about what is best for next year.

So now, for the exciting part!!! Guess what!!??? They called on Friday to offer me a job! They managed to "create" a spot for me. I was shocked, excited and dying to talk to Brandon. I told her I would call back next week after we could discuss it over the weekend. So that leads us to now. After a weekend of pondering, we have decided that I am going to accept the job! We are so excited about what this means for Addie, for me, and for our FAMILY. It just feels so right. The secret part???---She asked me to keep it quiet because there are lots of teachers who have applied and they have told them they have no until they can figure out a way to politely announce that they have hired me, they asked that I keep it quiet.

I am still looking forward to summer schedule...relaxing and playing with my baby girl. But then, in August, when I start to crave some structure, and when Target puts out school supplies and I walk down the aisle feeling intoxicated by the smell of new crayons, I will know that I have something to get excited about like I do every year. Teaching 4 year olds will be different than teaching 9 year olds, of this fact I am sure...but teaching is teaching. So I am thankful for the opportunity to still teach a little bit and also stay home. It sort of feels like having my cake and eating it too, you know?

Love you all. I love you Brandon--you are the best husband in the whole world. And last but not least.....I love you Addie. Can't wait for the next four weeks to pass so we can start our summer!! Love, Your Hopelessly Devoted Momma

~Michelle :-)


Amanda said...

Such a sweet post! I am so HAPPY everything is working out for you and your family!Addie is so lucky to have you as a MOMMY!

P.S. My lips are sealed ;)

Amy Mahrer said...

I'll make a big banner and put it outside the church...just kidding!

Yay! I'm glad you made your decision and are happy about it. How wonderful for you and your family!

The Soladay Family said...

I'm so happy for you! That's so perfect for you!!!! God is so good.!

Stacie said...

WHOO HOO!!! You will LOVE teaching 4 year-olds! It is amazing how much they learn in that year! I loved teaching at MDO and it was such a huge blessing and I know I am going to miss it next year. You are going to be FANTASTIC all the MOMS are going to LOVE having you there!! If you need anything let me know!! So happy for you! Isn't God so good!?!?!?

Chani said...

Isn't it AMAZING how God will carry you through anything???? This made me tear up because I just know what you've been going through, and things couldn't be more perfect. I'm SO HAPPY for you, Michelle! You will have lots of prayers from the Gunn family as you make that transition, and I know it will be so healthy and wonderful for you. Lots of love and hugs and smiles, friend!!! :) :) :)

Brunson Family said...

So excited for you!!! Bryson has been going to MDO for 2 years and he absolutely LOVES it! Macie starts in the fall too! You will get to have your cake and eat it too! I SO wish that you were going to be teaching at our MDO, your students are going to be so blessed to have you as a teacher!

Lindsay said...

That's so awesome!! I'm so glad things are working out perfectly for you guys, and I know you're going to be a fantastic teacher to those little ones!

Aubrey and Jen said...

YAY!!! This is fabulous news...SO happy for you! Aren't you amazed/humbled that God knows the desires of our hearts & cares about every detail of our lives!? I'm thrilled that it all worked out & so beautifully! Sounds like a perfect fit!