Sunday, February 14, 2010

What's Up with Addie B?

Tag along and we'll tell you about what all we've been up to....
Pulling up on everything in sight!

Doing better with finger foods! New favorites: Chicken, Turkey, Green Beans, & Cheddar Cheese!
Doin' chores....

Hangin' with friends...our friends Sarah, Audrey, Olivia, Auntie M, and Mr. Micah came for a visit a few weeks ago. So much fun!!!! Addie loved watching those big girls play!

Prunes make me oh, so happy.....even though Mommy thinks they look disgusting!
Addie and I went to visit Daddy at work on Martin L. King, Jr. Day. Daddy was so proud of Addie as he took her around his office and showed her off to all of his coworkers. One lady even gave Addie a souvenir, a little Raytheon bear. With all the security in his office, they wouldn't let me take any pictures inside, but I got a shot outside!
A couple of weeks ago, Brandon came to read to my class and brought Addie with him. I gave the kids a clue each day as to who was coming on Friday to read to them. The clue that stumped them the most was this: "My Child is Youngest of All!" Hmmm...they were so excited when they walked in the door.
Addie sat on my desk and just watched the big kids in awe of them....and I must say they were in awe of her as well. I just love having her at school with me. I still can't figure out why they won't let me take her with me every day?
We are in a new life group led by Mark and Anne Lunsford. They are amazing!! We love them so much. They have 3 daughters in middle school and live only about 5 minutes from us. They felt a calling to lead a group of young married couples just starting out their families and be a source of encouragement to them. Not everyone in the group has kids, but some will soon! It's been a great ride so far just learning from their wisdom and life experience. They hosted us for a super bowl party...and Addie loves Ms. Anne. (Just like her mama!)
I thought this face was so funny! My sweet friend Kristen sent Addie this bow (if you look closely or click on the picture, you can see it has conversation hearts on it!! Love it!) She's also wearing the outfit from Nana and Aunt Lindsey. This little girl is so loved!!!

This one needs no caption......
Thanks for tagging along! Love to all!
~Michelle :-)

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