Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Popee's Desk at Work

So, my dad is completely smitten with Addie (as are ALL of her wonderful grandparents!). It's really fun for me to see my dad in action as her grandpa. Every time I send him a picture of her, he forwards it on to his whole office and then I get to see all of their cute replies. He sent me this picture the other day and said, "Check out my new screen saver." I just loved it! I also love the sticker on his bulletin board that says, "No whining." Now, that's the dad I remember growing up. Ha ha! Just kidding Popee! Love you!
~Michelle :-)


Bubbie & Popee said...

It is true, I must confess, Popee is completely smitten with Addie!!!!!!! Thanks Mitch...

Love you much, Popee

the ericksons said...

that is so sweet. i love family.