Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy 10 Month Birthday Addie!

The Lord who created you says, "I have called you by name. You are mine; when you go through troubles and deep water I will be with you." Isaiah 13:1-2
Ok, my pity party is over! It's amazing how a good night's sleep can change my world. (Along with lots of encouragement from lots of sweet friends! Thank you! And thanks to Kristen for the wonderfully uplifting verse up at the top of this entry!) I am feeling happier today. I think it's high time for an update on our family. So much has happened since I really blogged last time! Happy 10 Months Baby! Here are some things that have been going on..... 1. Addie had her first ear infection a few weeks ago! And not just one, but two at the same time. She woke up in the middle of the night on Tuesday night, January 19th and it was obvious to me that something was really wrong. I lined up a sub for the next day, slept on the floor in her room, and prayed that it was nothing too serious. I knew the doctors would say it was another cold at first glance, but I just knew in my heart it was something more. Sure enough, there was a double ear infection and they treated it with antibiotics. So for 10 days she took the pink chalky liquid and seemed to be feeling much better! In the last two days, her nose has started to run again pretty constant. I am not sure if this round is related to the sickness or because of teeth coming in.

2. Speaking of teeth, Addie has finally gotten some on top! She has gotten her left vampire tooth (maybe b/c Mommy can't stop reading about Edward and Bella???) and her left front tooth. She also has four on the bottom. I have been working with her on finger foods and it's going better each day. Right now she likes bananas, avocados, and cheerios best. I know we aren't supposed to compare babies, but I was really worrying about her delay with finger foods after reading other blogs out there. I have learned from further research that some babies just aren't in a hurry and that's ok. She'll get there on her own time!

3. She is pulling up on EVERYTHING! Sometimes she will let go and stand there for about 2 seconds. She is busy, busy, busy...crawling everywhere. You literally can't turn your back for two seconds. I love to watch her explore. Sometimes I am just blown away by the things she does, I can't help but tear up. She stands, I cry...she laughs, I melt.
4. We had her nine month appt. and it went great! (This was almost a month ago!) She weighed 19.5 pounds. She is still in the 50-75th percentile on everything. I love her little rolls on her legs. Developmentally, she was right on target. Praise God! It was such a fun appointment! Dr. G said by her 12 mo. appt she should be on all table foods...hmmmm...someone tell me this is flexible!
5. She has two words: dadadadadada and mamamamama and when you ask her say one, she says the opposite. I think she is going to have a really funny personality. She seems to have a lot of spunk about her. She loves to bop her head from side to side and dances a little to music.

6. Addie is officially in 9 month clothes! It took her till 10 months of age, but she's there and it still blows my mind to look at how long the pants are and realize that she actually fits in them! I love dressing her and my new favorite thing is putting her hair in pigtails. She is so much fun.7. She is very close to weaning herself off of mommy's milk. I am still hanging on to those two nursing periods a day with all of my might but I have reason to believe I might not be producing what she needs. We have been supplementing with formula, which she loves and will even take from a sippy cup. It makes me so sad to think that nursing her has almost come to an end. We had such a tough start, and we have bee in the "bliss" period for a while now. I really wanted to go to a year, but I think my body might be saying "time's up." I know she will do great on formula, it's not that I am worried about that part....just selfishly I will miss this time b/c it's another sign that she's growing up. I will not, however, miss the pumping! Yay for that part!
8. She loves books. She doesn't always sit still long enough for me to read her a whole book, but she sure loves to eat the books and play with them. I try to make sure they are all around her all of the time b/c I want them to be a BIG part of her life.

I think that's about it! We are planning her first birthday party! It's going to be on April 3rd, which is her actual birthday and I can't wait to celebrate her life! We are going to have a birthday parade (Thanks Kelly W. for the awesome idea.) We will start at our house and parade to the park for cake, ice cream, and play time with friends. 2 Months! How is THAT possible?

Lovin' every minute with this sweet baby girl.........
~Michelle :-)


Katie Grant said...

Oh she is so cute! Ally is just now getting those rolls on her legs and I just love them! Happy 10 months Addie :)

Sharon said...

I love this! I CAN'T believe how big she is already...time flies! It seems like just yesterday that I was in your room and you said," I'm going to tell you something and it's TOP SECRET. I'm pregnant." It sure has been an amazing blessing, hasn't it!!!
Love you!

Amanda said...

So happy your feeling better, such a cute post! Happy 10 months Addie! Love the pig-tails and the last pic!!!

Amy Mahrer said...

I swear you JUST gave birth to her! She's so beautiful and sweet. Happy 10 months Miss Addie B.

Lindsay said...

10 months already!? Wow, time does fly! Michelle, Addie is so darn cute, and I love her pig tails! I miss you guys, we really should plan something soon!

Thanks for the award, you are too sweet!

Darling Daughters said...

Yay for the update! Thanks for sharing. I really, really wish that you and Addie could be there for Claire's first birthday. You were both such an important part of her life in my belly and support for me this year as well. I was glad to read that Dr. G said to be on table foods at 12 months. I was wondering if I was rushing it. I can't remember a thing from Ava or from my last appointment with him, and the days all blur together. Claire LOVES table foods but I'm worried there's too much salt, seasonings, hidden ingredients, etc. for her age, so we've been keep-on-keeping-on with the mashed DHA/organic stuff. Thanks for the info on that. I need to chill, huh?

The Soladay Family said...

Precious, precious, precious!! I love the last pic! Nothing cuter thatn a naked baby!!!

crcwgv said...

Ok, every baby has to have a butt picture to show later in their life. She is a doll baby. I love you three! Aunt Suzy