Friday, February 19, 2010

The Doo Wop Sock Hop!

Our school has an annual Sock Hop each February and it's a great time for the kids. They have food, dancing, auctions, candy counters, name it, fun for all! The teachers all volunteer an hour of their time to help run the event. The PTA puts the whole thing together and they do an incredible job! The kids dress up in fifties gear and run around like crazy people the whole time. Well, this year we thought it would be fun to take Addie and Grandma Cece offered to make her her very own poodle skirt. It came in the mail today, just in time for the festivities this evening! Thank you Grandma for the adorable skirt! You did an amazing job! It's black with a tiny poodle on it! (I think you can see it better if you click on the pictures) We just love it! I can remember being pregnant with my little fifties girl last year at the sock hop time.

I am hoping that my friend Amy got some cute pictures of Ben and Addie together...? In mine they are both looking away. Addie got to see two of her little buddies tonight, Ben and Rylee. She enjoyed seeing you both! She also had fun seeing all of Mommy's teacher friends and kids from her classes.

Happy Weekend!!

My little Addie and her Daddy at the Tadlock Doo Wop Sock Hop 2010!

~Michelle :-)


Amy Mahrer said...

Awww, I'm still your friend after my hubby ruined the silent auction for you? Thanks.

I have a couple pics, I'll post them to mine soon. It was nice to see Addie. She's so cute!

Chani said...

You totally know how much I LOVE that teeny-tiny little poodle skirt, but I have to tell you again anyway!! I'm so glad she got to go enjoy her first "dance"! :) I bet Ben thought she looked super pretty in her new outfit! ;)

Ashley Warren said...

She was ADORABLE!!!! I wish I would have brought Mayson.

Amanda said...

Rylee and I love seeing you and sweet Addie, she looked adorable in her little poodle skirt and pig tails!

hillarylaird said...

I love Sock Hop Addie!!! SOOO cute!!!

The Soladay Family said...!!!! I love it!