Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jumping for Joy!

Imagine what Brandon and I would look like if we were jumping for joy.........
Below is an update from my mom about something really exciting going on for them right now! We are jumping for joy and praising God that they have been given this opportunity!
From Mom:

About 2 1/2 months ago, Saint Child, a maternity home in Hillsboro really close to our church, sent me a job posting to my work about an opening they have for house parents. I read it and thought do I know anybody I can refer to this position. Well God kept taking me back to this posting over and over again until I decided I needed to pray about this for us. So for a couple of weeks I prayed and it became even more real to me. I sought advice and counsel from two Christians, Michelle and Suzette, and they both felt it was a perfect position for Skip and I. So they started praying with me about it, because none of us thought Skip would go for it. About 2 weeks later I started talking to Skip about it and he was really open to the idea. He did not think it could all work out, but he thought we should apply for it.

So we filled out some really long applications answering tons of questions about our faith and beliefs and dropped off our applications on the very last day for submitting apps, November 30th. All this time thinking, "OK, now we will see what God wants to do". Well within the week we received a phone call stating they wanted to set up an initial interview for December 31st at 2pm. This would be for a tour of the 1908 home (which I had already done before with a student of mine) and a time for us to get our questions answered and the first interview.
The home is amazing, you can check it out at http://www.saintchild.org/ They changed their name because so many people associate House of Ruth with the national domestic violence shelters of the same name.
We would live in a 4 room section of the house on the first floor known as the house parents quarters. We would be on duty M-F 24 hours a day. There is a resident assistant that lives there, too and she works full time outside of the house during the week and takes care of the girls on the weekends. The girls are from ages 14-24, pregnant, and can stay from 8-14 months at the house.

So we interviewed, fell in love with the 8500 square foot house and apparently they liked us a little bit, too. They told us that within the next two weeks we would get a letter letting us know if we were in the top 3 couples out of 8 couples applying for the position and then we would be set up for an interview with the executive board. This was on New Year's Eve and on the following Monday, the next business day, we received an email wanting to know if we could meet with the executive board on January 12th at 6:30 pm.

We met with the board, all 6 of them and went through a pretty tough interview. Two days later, yesterday, they called and offered us the job. We start on 2/1/10. That is it! We are selling our house. We are moving into a home for young, single moms who are expecting to be their house parents. I am quitting my job and Skip is keeping his. And Penny Lane is going to be the House Puppy!
We are thrilled!
And we are thrilled too, Mom and Skip! We just know that God has BIG plans for you guys in this role and we can't wait to share in this journey with you!

~Michelle :-)


Addison said...

THAT is amazing! I have chill bumps on my arms. God is good! Congrats!
Kelly Walsh

Chani said...

I'm SO, so, SO happy for your parents, Michelle! Yay for blessings!!! :)

Cindy Sorum said...

I feel so special being featured on your blog! Thank you so much for all the support and love you guys give us! Also, your friends comments are so sweet!

Brunson Family said...

So neat! Thanks for sharing, I'll be praying for their ministry!