Friday, December 11, 2009

It's a Boy!

We have exciting news to share! Our dear friends Hillary and Brad (Hillary is known to Addie as Auntie Hillie) are having a baby boy!! Today they found out the exciting news! He is healthy, and growing strong, and will be arriving in April. Praise God! There was so much anticipation waiting for this day! She is almost 21 weeks and has waited so patiently to find out what the gender is. Addie and I gave her two gifts on Wednesday night. One was super pink and one was super blue. We told her to open the right one today when she found out. We had fun picking out things for the baby. :-) Congratulations to Hillary and Brad! We are so excited for you and can't wait to meet your precious little man in just a few months!

~Michelle :-)


hillarylaird said...

Thank you!!! I feel so special!! Now when Addie looks back at her blogs she can see when she first found out about her boyfriend!! Thank you for my sweet BLUE gift!! It was so fun to open after we found out! Love you!!

Cindy Sorum said...

I love this picture of Hillary and Adddie, it is so cute! Congrats Hillary and Brad!


Carol said...

I love all the updates to you blog! Its really precious and this is such a sweet post too!

Sharon said...

You are such a sweet friend and what a fun idea with the gifts!