Monday, December 21, 2009

Hardin/Harmon Family Christmas

Every year we get together with my Dad, Julie, Thomas and Ryan for our annual family Christmas a few weeks before Christmas day. This year we hosted at our home and were blessed to have Ryan's girlfriend, Lauren join us. We all enjoyed Addie this year...she adds so much joy to the festivities!
Uncle Thomas, Uncle Ryan, and Addison

Bubbie and AddieUncle Ryan and Lauren Addie thinks Ryan is so much fun! He entertains her for hours! All the "kids" playing...
Love this picture!

Holy Cow!!!!!
Addie enjoyed trying to eat the wrapping paper....

Bubbie and Poppee got Addie the most adorable "rocking lamb!" It is so soft and sweet....she was so cute when we put her up on top of it! Ignore the terrible picture of me (I had been cooking and cleaning all day....tried to freshen up....but after looking back at the pics I see I wasn't so successful! I should have started all over!)

Such fun memories! We still have a few more "Christmases" to celebrate....can't wait!

~Michelle :-)


Cindy Sorum said...

Am I just prejudice or is this the cutest baby girl in the whole wide world? I think she adores her Uncle Ryan!!!!!!

Chani said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet!! I love your Christmas pictures with your family! Addie looks so happy! It's too cute that Sophie is in the middle of those presents under the tree; aren't they funny? I miss you girl! You look like you're having a great break! Can't wait to see you again!