Sunday, November 29, 2009

Top 10 of Thanksgiving Break, now with Pictures!

Oops! I hit "post" too soon! Now, with pictures!
Addie eating Joeseph....

10. Dinner with Brandon and Addie at Joesephine's the Friday we got out for the break.
9. Strolling the mall leisurely on (the first) Saturday with Brandon and Addie.
8. Taking Addie to see Santa for the first time on Tuesday.
7. Date night on Wednesday night! Nana and Aunt Lindsey kept Addie so Brandon and I could go out to PF Changs and to see The Blind Side. Such a great movie!
6. Addie's first Thanksgiving. She ate sweet potatoes with corn baby food to celebrate the momentous occasion. It was so special to have her with us this year...she brings a whole new joy to the holidays for me.
5. Decorating our home for Christmas and watching the wonder in Addie's eyes when the lights twinkled on for the first time on the Christmas tree.
4. Playing with Addie's Nativity Set (thanks to our sweet friend Donna) and talking to her about the real Reason for the season. (see pictures above)
3. Feeding Addie every single meal she ate for 9 days straight.
2. Getting Addie up from every single nap for 9 days straight.
1. Having 9 straight days of family time with my hubby and my baby girl.
The three week countdown is on for Christmas Break!

~Michelle :-)


Amanda said...

She is such a sweet heart, I miss her! Love her w/her cross onesie and baby legs!

Alyson said...

Sounds like you had a great week! I'm glad you had 9 Addie-filled days!!! See you soon--miss you guys!

Brunson Family said...

I love the top ten! I can't belive how thick Addie's hair is getting, she looks so big!

Amy Mahrer said...

she just gets cuter and cuter! Love the pictures. 14 more school days!!!