Thursday, November 26, 2009

Santa Baby

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Christmastime is here! I am so happy! It's my favorite time of year, and this year is extra special because we have our favorite gift of all to share it with!
Thank you Auntie M for the super fun reindeer outfit!!! We love it! :-)


hillarylaird said...

I couldn't wait for Christmas time to see these cute pictures! She looks adorable! Precious outfit for a precious girl!!!

Cindy Sorum said...

This is the cutest little Santa Baby ever!!!!!!!

Candy Cane Hugs,

Amanda said...

Very cute, Rylee's first picture was just like Addie's, love it! Love those tights, Rylee has some very similar ;)

Lindsay said...

Adorable! We never got Logan's pic with Santa, I thought we'd have a freak out moment on our hands. Glad Addie loved it!