Friday, November 13, 2009

Addie's Latest Photo Journal

Addie went to her first Chili Cookoff last weekend! Our school district hosts the Chili Challenge every year. It was fun to have her there with us! My Granny and Papa recently sent Addie a package and one of the things in it was this adorable outfit with jeans and the cute pink shirt. Thank you guys! She looks so cute in it!!!

This is Addie's friend Ben and his mommy, Amy, who teaches with me at school.
This is Addie's fan club! Tonya and Chani love Addie so much and she was so happy to see them at the Chili Cookoff!

My Mom and Skip got Addie this new toy and she loves it! It teaches colors, shapes, numbers, farm animals, letters, and everything else she needs for Kindergarten. Sharon W., do you think she'll be ready to start after Christmas?

Auntie Hillie gave Addie this outfit at my shower in Houston and we are SOOOO Excited that it finally fits! She wore it to the third grade play Thursday night!
I love this onesie! It says Dr. Seuss on the bottom...

This is the newest position of choice, I like to call it the Downward Dog from Yoga. She discovered the toilet paper in her play zone and had to check it out...

Big girl sits up now all by herself!!!
Carol (Auntie M) took this picture of Addie's feet on Sunday...I think they look like little ballerina toes...

Anything she can get in her mouth goes straight in!

Addie's first (and only, so far) teeth!

Auntie M. gave Addie this outfit and we took lots of pictures of her in it a few weeks ago. We like to play fashion show!

Who doesn't love naked baby pics?

Bubbee gave Addie this shirt. It says Naturally Sweet on it. Love it!


Alyson said...

So cute! The picture of her teeth CRACKED ME UP!!! I love how it came right after the pic of you saying everything goes straight into her mouth. I guess that includes mommy and daddy's hands??!! Love you guys!

Amanda said...

Love all her fun outfits, sooooo cute! We need to get together over the break!

Sharon said...

Yes, she will be ready! I and I already call dibs on being her teacher.;) She is soooooooooooo precious!