Saturday, October 31, 2009

HaPpY HaLLoWeEn!!! From our Little Kitty Cat....

Today we took Addie to the Pumpkin Patch! We had a wonderful time. The weather is perfect! Nice, crisp, blue skies. Is there anything better than a family outing to a real pumpkin farm on a nice fall day? I think not! I am so blessed! I have dreamed my whole life of having this little family. I am having the time of my life! My mom (Grandma Cece) made Addison this little kitty cat costume. It is made of the softest black furry fabric and even the ribbon says "Meow"! It is so precious on her. Such fun memories! I can't wait to go back again next year and see how much she changes. We love this little Kitty so much!

Happy Halloween! Love, M

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dear Ms. Courtney

Dear Ms. Courtney,
I love you! I love you! I love you! You are the best babysitter in the whole wide, big world. My mommy and daddy are so happy they found you. (Thanks to Rhonda and Amy M.) You take such good care of me every day. You make me smile, you make me giggle, you make me happy. I love your doggies, Katy and Cody, and I love your baby girl, Evie. I love your niece, Taryn. I really love it when Taryn reads to me and jumps with me while I am in my jumparoo. Thank you for all of the ways every day that you bless our family. You are so patient with me when I am grouchy, and you snuggle me extra when Mommy is sad and missing me. Thank you for sending Mommy emails like the one below when she is at work to make her day. It makes it a little easier for her to be away from me. Mommy says she and Daddy prayed for you for a long time....before she even knew you and God led us to you. Thank you for taking such good care of me each and every day. I feel like one lucky little girl to be in your care. Sometimes it makes Mommy cry to think about how blessed we are to have you in our lives.
I love you,
PS--I love my nickname you have given me. :-)

On Thursday, this popped into my email at school:

From: courtney
Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2009 11:28 AM
To: Harmon, Cynthia Michelle
Subject: Pics of Addiecakes

Addie1: How I'm usually greeted when I open her door at the end of naptime
Addie2: Playing
Addie3: Being silly in the high chair

Thank you God, for Courtney. :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Swine Flu, Go Away! Come Again Another Day...No....Come NEVER AGAIN!

Well, it has attacked our house! Boo! I knew the chances were pretty high considering the amount of children affected in my classroom this week, but I was HOPING my daily doses of Echinacea, my flu shot, and my incessant handwashing would protect me. NO SUCH LUCK! I went to the doctor on Thursday morning and tested postive for the Swine Flu. Ugghh. The bottom line?

1. No interaction with Brandon or Addie for 48 hours. No nursing, no snuggling, no kissing, no touching. Nothing. Complete isolation in my bedroom/bathroom and every time I exit the isolated space, I have to wear gloves and a mask. Uggghhh.
2. Tamiflu for 5 days...which means pump and dump all breastmilk...uggghh...
3. Complete exhaustion and fatigue and overall achiness with a miserable headache...I have done nothing but sleep and lay here. Ugghhhh...
4. So far, Addie and Brandon have stayed healthy! Praise God! Although I LIVE to love on my hubby and my baby, I am happy I have been able to keep this nasty bug away from them. The isolation from them has BY FAR been the hardest part of the whole thing. I miss them so much! Brandon has been an amazing Dad and Husband, caring soley for Addie and taking such good care of me. He told me yesterday that he now can see what it's like for me when he's out of town!

Tomorrow at 11 am I can officially hold this sweet baby again.....
(and you can bet I WON'T be blogging the rest of the weekend!!!)
Everyone, stay well! Love and Kisses (with gloves and a mask on, of course), ~M
PS--Thank you Bubbee for the super cute PEACE, LOVE, and SMORES outfit! How cute is she in it!!??? :-) We love you!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

So Little Time, So Much to Blog About.....

I'm baaaack! It has been two weeks since I have blogged! We have had two really GREAT weeks with Addison and there is so much to update! I have come to realize that blogging is such and outlet for me. I love to post updates of our family and our adventures. So, you'll have to forgive me for the TWENTY pictures I have posted, but it was really hard to narrow it down! I can't believe our little baby is 6 months old! She is becoming more and more fun every single day. She laughs all of the time now and is very mobile. If you lay her on a blanket on the floor, she rolls around and around until she is off of the blanket and sometimes we find her under the coffee table, once even under the bed. Seriously, you can't turn your back for 10 seconds and she is gone! She is SO CLOSE to crawling...we just know it's going to happen any day now. She has 2 teeth on the bottom of her mouth! So very exciting! I was so worrried about how sad she would be during teething and so far it hasn't been that bad! She has been a little grouchy, but overall just a little more sleepy. We had her 6 month check up on Monday and she weighed a whopping 17.2 pounds! She is in the 75th percentile for weight. At 25 inches, she is still in the 50th percentile for height. Dr. G. was very pleased with her growth and development and was happy she hasn't been sick recently. It was a fun day because Daddy turned 32 on the same day as her appointment, so we all took off together and spent the day as a family. It was a cherished day. I am still having a really hard time with working and balancing every thing. I am trying so hard, and keep hoping it's going to get easier. I still get really sad on Monday mornings and don't want to leave her. Please keep praying for us in this area! Here are some pictures of what we've been up to.....

The first cold snap came a few weeks ago. It was fun to get Addie all bundled up....
Who doesn't love a Saturday morning snuggled up with a baby still in their jammies? This is my favorite day of the whole week...I get to wake up to this face and kiss it as many times as I want all day long....

Kissy, kissy! Baby girl can't defend herself from Mommy's constant affection....(Can you see how close she is to sitting up all by herself? She does it sometimes for 5 seconds or so...growing up so fast!)
I just thought this outfit was too cute on her. This picture made me laugh. What's even funnier is that she was pooping....all over the cute outfit....and all over the couch behind her while I was taking this picture! What a funny pooping face...

We have enjoyed some walks in the nice fall weather....

We celebrated Poppee's 55th birthday last weekend. Addie loves her Poppee!

Bubbee loves to hold Addie the whole time we are together! She even took her to the bathroom and changed her diaper for me. There is nothing that makes me feel happier than seeing people love on her....

I just love this little dress on her....this was last week before church....

Silly picture, but I couldn't resist....these were seriously sitting on the floor last Sunday after we got home from church...side by side. How cute?!?

We met Auntie Hillie for dinner a couple of weeks ago. Isn't she so pretty!? Such a "glowing" smile!

Addie LOVES to eat her veggies! Can't you tell?
So, I can remember last year decorating for fall, enjoying the crisp weather, and being pregnant. I remember thinking of how blesesed I felt to have this baby growing inside of me. I remember thinking, "Next year when I decorate for Halloween, I will have my little pumpkin to enjoy..." Well, I can honestly say it is everything AND MORE than I hoped it would be. We got out the Halloween stuff this week and I showed it all to Addie. I even got her a few new shirts and a book that's called, Here Comes Halloween. Fall is such a fun time of year and I feel so blessed to share it with her. The shirt she is wearing in this picture says "Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun!"

My Little "PUNKIN...."My dear friend Tonya from school, and her sweet husband, Mike kept Addie for us last Saturday so I could take Brandon out for his birthday! They are so sweet to Addie and she just loves spending time with them both!
Ok, so this picture was not SUPPOSED to be taken, but it's too funny not to post. Addie loves to play with her feet and I love to do anything to make her smile. Brandon called out, "Michelle, look!" and snapped a picture of us on the floor last Friday night. I was so in shock that he got this on camera, but I think it's really funny...please excuse my butt!
How sweet is this??? Daddy's girl.....

Aunt Nay and Uncle Jeremy are having a baby!!! YAY!!!! Addie thinks it's a girl!

Today at Keaton's birthday party, Addie had so much fun watching all of the big kids jump in the bounce houses, but when they started to eat cake, she was so pooped she crashed on Daddy's shoulder....I couldn't resist taking a picture....

Kaden is going to be SUPERMAN this year for his fall festival. He put on his costume tonight so we could see him in it....Addison is in awe when she looks at her future husband....It's a plane, it's a bird, it's KADEN! :-)

Love to all! Happy Fall! Thanks for reading all of this REALLY LONGGGG Post! :-)