Saturday, September 26, 2009


Our sweet little peanut had a little problem this do I say this so it won't embarass her when she's older and reads this in her baby book....hmmm....not really sure how to put in words that aren't...well..gross. Oh well, sorry Baby! She couldn't POOP! For 6 days in a row! We were so worried! Her little tummy was hard as a rock and for 3 or 4 days she grunted and moaned miserably and hardly laughed or smiled at all. We talked to the doctor, tried lots of things, but in the end what worked? PRUNES! Prunes baby food....Like magic, they produced what we needed to happen! And what's even more interesting? She actually LIKED them! Here are a few pictures of her eating prunes, which was technically her first actual food besides rice cereal. I don't think Brandon and I have ever been SO HAPPY to see another person have a bowel movement. Yay! We love this baby so much and when she's happy, we're happy! Thank you Courtney (aka, the BEST babysitter EVER) for these wonderful pics of Addie's first fruit experience! We love you!


Cindy Sorum said...

Poor baby...when you were a baby and you had issues, the whole world did not have to know about it! Thank you technology! Maybe I should share some of my stories about you...hehehehe...just kidding, don't worry.

Mom & Cece

Lindsay said...

Glad to hear Addie's system is back to normal! This won't be the last time prunes will come to the rescue!

Carol said...

someday she will hurt you for writing about her pooping... or lack there of!!! xoxo