Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Weekend Top 10

It all started on Friday at 3:30. I high tailed it out of work to go get my baby girl and start our weekend. My friend Allison sometimes posts her weekend top 10. Well here's mine from this weekend....

1. Green beans on Friday night. Addie's first veggie and she loved them!
2. Getting a second letter from my brother, Brian who is in rehab. He's still there! Yay!
3. Sleeping in Saturday...Brandon got up with Addie at 6:30 and then woke me up at 8:30 with the smell of a yummy breakfast cooking...eggs with feta cheese and waffles and fruit. Yummy!
4. Lunch with my Dad, Julie, Thomas, and Ryan at Fuddrucker's for Dad's birthday on Saturday.
5. Sitting on the porch Saturday night after Addie went to bed, enjoying the weather, and sharing a bottle of wine we got in the town of Eguishiem, France last year with my best friend, my hubby.
6. Picking up Addie from Sunday school this morning and hearing the teacher say how good she was!
7. Listening to Brandon read an ABC book to Addie today and watching her reach out for the pictures.
8. Bath time tonight...listening to Daddy sing Splish, Splash I was takin' a bath to our giggle monster.
9. Snuggle time before we put her to bed tonight. She smells so yummy after a bath.
10. Making weight watchers soup tonight for the week...a new makes me feel happy and warm inside.

YAY for weekends! Already counting down till next Friday at 3:30.

Keep reading for another post I made yesterday.... :-)

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Our sweet little peanut had a little problem this do I say this so it won't embarass her when she's older and reads this in her baby book....hmmm....not really sure how to put in words that aren't...well..gross. Oh well, sorry Baby! She couldn't POOP! For 6 days in a row! We were so worried! Her little tummy was hard as a rock and for 3 or 4 days she grunted and moaned miserably and hardly laughed or smiled at all. We talked to the doctor, tried lots of things, but in the end what worked? PRUNES! Prunes baby food....Like magic, they produced what we needed to happen! And what's even more interesting? She actually LIKED them! Here are a few pictures of her eating prunes, which was technically her first actual food besides rice cereal. I don't think Brandon and I have ever been SO HAPPY to see another person have a bowel movement. Yay! We love this baby so much and when she's happy, we're happy! Thank you Courtney (aka, the BEST babysitter EVER) for these wonderful pics of Addie's first fruit experience! We love you!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Toes! (and other fun pics!)

Addison has found her toes! One of our favorite things to do these days is watch her play with them! We just love this baby sooooooooooo much, I can't even begin to put it into words!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun times with Friends....

Greetings! We have had a crazy week! Addie is doing very well. I could use your prayers as I am learning to balance everything still. Brandon keeps reminding me that it's only been 3 weeks of school. He says it reminds him of my first year of teaching. I was so scattered all of the time...and I have been that way this year so far. Everyone says it gets easier....I am counting on that! We have been very busy on our weekends, soaking up Addie and spending time with friends. Here is a little update on what we've been doing....

We had lunch last Sunday with our dear friends, the Malpass Family. This is Melissa, Halle, and Keaton. We have been friends with them for a long time! They were in our very first Hometeam at FC. They are so special to us. Halle was the first BABY born to close friends...and now she is 4!!! We love them all! :-)This picture was taken in the Mother's Room at church. Cece sent Addie this cute outfit!

Last weekend Addie got to meet some of sweet friends, Aaron and Jessica!

This is her "Happy Place" these days....

This is my dear friend Amy and her son Ben. Amy and I teach together. Ben is 2 months younger than Addie to the day but is the same size! :-)
Last weekend we stayed the night at Jeremy and Renee's house on Sunday night since we had Monday off. Monday morning Addie ate at 6 am and then we layed her between us where she drifted off to sleep. She was soooo cute all snuggled up between us. She has never slept in the bed with us, but we enjoyed a little nap together since Mommy and Daddy had stayed up until 1 am! :-)

Addison is starting to really like her rice cereal. She is now eating 1/4 a cup at her midmorning feeding and 1/4 cup at her early evening feeding. Her sweet babysitter, Courtney, took this picture. I just love it!

My Aunt Kristie sent Addie this outfit. She likes to make this smirky little face these days...oh, and I am having a blast making little Pebbles ponytails on her head!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I love weekends!

We are having a great weekend! The majority of these pictures were taken today. Brandon and I had so much fun with Addie today. She is such a happy baby and loves to play and jump! She laughs when we tickle her now and kicks water around in the bathtub. We can't believe she is already 5 months old! After she went to bed tonight, we grilled steaks and corn, roasted some potatoes, and had a nice relaxing dinner. The funny thing is ... all we talked about as we ate is ADDIE! We talk about how cute she is, some of the fun thing she did that day, and how we cannot believe how she is growing up before our eyes. I LOVE weekends! Happy Labor Day to all.