Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy 4 Month Birthday, Baby Girl!

I cannot believe today is Addie's four month birthday! Where has the time gone? She is amazing and wonderful in every way. We continue to be amazed by her. She is so much fun and becoming more and more interactive every single day. Today we took her to the doctor, where she received all A+'s on her checkup. She is 13.5 pounds, and 24 inches long. This keeps her in the 50th percentile for weight and height. The doctor said we can start rice cereal at any time. I can't wait!! He also said to stop swaddling her. Boo! She does not sleep unless she's swaddled. He said the first few nights will be rough, but after that she will adjust. I finally figured out how to put videos on here, so I have posted two short ones below. Enjoy!


Amanda said...

Too cute, love both the videos! Happy 4 months Addie ;)

Amy Mahrer said...

Happy Bday Addie! Did you notice that Ben and Addie are the same weight and just 1/2 inch different in height. Watch out Addie-Ben might eat you!

She is just too cute!!!

Addison said...

She is SO precious :) I'm glad you are having so much with her!!


Brunson Family said...

Your videos just put a big smile on my face! Addie is adorable!

Chani said...

SO cute!! Addie B. is a happy birthday girl! :o)

Skip and Cindy said...

I watch these over and over every night!

I wuv you baby girl!