Saturday, August 8, 2009

Busy Days of Summer

Our busy summer days have almost come to an end. We have one week left and Mommy is getting sad! Here's a little glimpse at what we have been up to the last few weeks. (We've been busy!)

Brandon's Aunt Lonnie who lives in Colorado, made Addie a dedication gown. Sadly, she is not going to be able to wear it for her dedication, because that is not until November and it fits her now. It's already a little small. I took a picture of her in it to send to Aunt Lonnie. It's so beautiful! She also sent a dress that belonged to her daughter when she was a baby. I took a picture of her in it. I love Addison in yellow.

This is my cousin, Alyssa and her boyfriend Dustin. They came to stay with us last weekend and Brandon went with them to an FC Dallas Soccer game. Alyssa loved Addie.

Grandma Cece sent Addie this outfit and I think it's so cute on her!
These are our neighbors that I always talk about, Rhonda and Lizzy. Laken was with a friend, but Rhonda and Lizzy came to see us yesterday.

So I am happy to report that Addie has graduated from needing the Moses basket! Bumper pads are back in and we are currently weaning her off the swaddle. Notice the one arm out? I read on line that this is a way to slowly break the swaddle. Start with one arm out, then another, then legs....I think she is so sweet all burrito wrapped up, with one arm hanging out over her head.
Last weekend Addie and I had dinner at my friends' house. Last summer I was a nanny to two precious little girls. We went to their house for dinner and all of the little girls they play with came over to see Addie. She had her own little fan club of big girls!
Last Friday I had training, so Bubbee and Poppee and Uncle Thomas came and stayed with Addie. I think they all had a really good time together!
This is her new favorite thing....she has always loved her playgym, but now she is learning to pull on the toys and shake the rattles . She has so much fun!
A few weeks ago, we went to my dad's office and he showed Addison off to all of his coworkers. It was so cute!
We also got to have lunch with Aunt Lindsey! Lindsey is Brandon's sister. Addie just loves her Aunt Lindsey to pieces!
We have had so much fun buzzing around town, seeing people we love. Addie is growing so much. She is more and more fun every day! Love to all!


Peter, Jolene and Henry said...

ya'll have been busy!!! so fun! i wish for a day that henry was a girl so he could wear a cute boy like addie. :) she is precious.

Peter, Jolene and Henry said...

cute bow..oops.

Skip and Cindy said...

These are so fun. Keep posting after you go back to work or I will miss this terribly!