Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday School!

Today we took Addie to the nursery for the first time at church. We have been keeping her with us in the worship center and I am having to get up and go with her to the Mother's room a lot because she has recently become very vocal! Just like her momma, she likes to chat! So, we decided it was time to try it out. I had a much harder time than she did! She did great, no problems at all. I cried quite a bit through out the service. I just kept thinking, "No this isn't too bad...but what is rough is that in a matter of a few weeks, this is going to be my every day!" I am really struggling with my decision to go back to work. Will you join me in my prayer that I will make the right choice and that I will choose with little regret? My friend Carol reminded me yesterday that it's human to have some regret either way I choose. It's just the hardest decision I have EVER had to make! Here are a few pictures:

All ready for church before we left the house!This picture was taken with Brandon's phone so it's a little blury. This was Addie's Sunday School teacher Ms. Maria. She said Addie was so good! (Even though this was during her naptime!) She fell asleep as soon as we buckled her in her carseat. Learning about Jesus wore our pumpkin out!Last week we had a playdate with sweet Lexi. Lexi's mom, Kelly and I went to elementary school together. She was my BFF in second through fifth grade. We lost touch many years ago, but thanks to Facebook we have reconnected! We both grew up in the Houston area, and recently discovered we live about 30 min. apart. Her little girl is 8 months old and just the most precious little bundle of joy you have ever met! Addie had fun playing with her. So, you remember Addie's little friend Rylee? We have had playdates with Rylee almost every Thursday in the spring and summer. Rylee was born two weeks after Addie. Her mom is the teacher across the hall from me...You might remember our pregnant pictures back in March! Look at our two little sweeties now! (Her mommy likes bows too!) And just a few short months ago, look at the same two girls! They grow up so fast! My little sweetie has found her new favorite thing: Her hands! She loves to have them in her mouth any chance she gets!

This is my sweet friend Sharon. Sharon came to meet Addie. Unfortunately, Addie was in a grumpy mood, she was just coming off of her sickness. Sharon is such a precious friend to me! She has been there for me through so much!

Addie's other new favorite pasttime is watching TV. She will practically twist her head backwards to see the tv when it's on. I snapped this picture while she was watching The Next Food Network Star. She wants Melissa to win so Mommy can get new ideas for food to cook for her! (When she's a little bigger of course!)


Skip and Cindy said...

So cute, I love the pic in the yellow, that is my new screensaver at work. So don't you know it is supposed to be bad to let your kids watch TV? Kidding!

Grandma Cece

Katie Grant said...

I know what you're going through about the going back to work thing. I am still struggling with making that decision. I just try to remember there is good and bad with any decision. I was a daycare baby and I turned out okay! O am praying for you

Amy Mahrer said...

Michelle, I feel your pain, but you can do it (we can do it)! We'll have our little support group and we'll work through the tough times together!

Lindsay said...

It is such a hard decision and I'll pray for you & Brandon as you figure out what is best for your family. If you do decide to go back to work, just remember it will be hard at first, but it gets so much easier and will become your new norm. And you'll cherish those times you get to run errands and have adult conversations during the day! :) Either way, Addie will still love you just as much!